Gigi Khalsa

Gigi Khalsa - Associate Editorgigi

I’ve always loved working with my hands and making pretty things. I spent my childhood trying to improve my drawing skills, reading and day-dreaming, and ended up at an arts-magnet high school where I got to study all areas of visual arts. After high school I completed a Bachelors degree in fashion design, where I learned all about garment making, from designing and pattern making to machine sewing and hand tailoring. I worked the garment manufacturing field for several years after graduation, but I really missed actually making things.

I started quilting because it seemed like fun, and it is! I get to work with my hands and quilts do come out pretty. I still occasionally sew clothes for myself, but quilting has been my main creative outlet for about 6 years now. I love coming up with new quilt designs, and one day I hope to sew them all.




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