Delta Dawn- QN Mystery Quilt, part 1 & 2

Delta Dawn- QN Mystery Quilt, part 1 & 2

Delta Dawn

QN's 2009 Mystery Quilt


Download and print these full-size patterns to make templates for A and B/Br-they're all you need to make units 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Delta Dawn! QN's 2009 mystery quilt series was introduced in the December/January 2010 issue, in which you'll find all the yardage requirements, some hints for fabric shopping, and complete instructions for making units 1 and 2.  In the February/March 2010 issue, you'll find instructions for making three more units. The six-part mystery will conclude with the October/November 2010 issue. Don't miss a single installment!


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Could you clarify the info re yardage from your Mar. 14th posting. Specifically regarding Fabric 4. Is a separate 3/4 of a yard needed in addition to the 3/4 yd for Borders. Since 3/4 yd was stated twice, I am uncertain about the actual amount to buy. You've been very helpful and generous with your time and information. This would be the final piece of the puzzle for me... Thank you VERY much... If I can help anyone with info from Parts 2-6, let me know...
Delta Dawn parts 1 and 2
How can I get directions for parts 1 and 2 of this quilt? I've been a subscriber for years but for reasons too long to go into, I'm missing those issues ...
Delta Dawn/ Mystery Quilt/ Part 1
I didn't receive the Dec./Jan.2010 magazine so I don't have the part 1
to jljack re Dec/Jan 2010
Thanks for the info from Dec/Jan 2010 on the mystery quilt.
missing issue Dec/Jan 2010
I do not have d/J 2010 because I am a newer subscriber and stated with feb/mar 2010. Can I get part one of the Delta Dawn mystery quilt?
Delta Dawn templates
I am another quilter who can't get the necessary info to make the quilt squares: the templates, sizes for finished squares, etc. I am a former subscriber to QNL; now I know why. I have been buying the issues to make the squares each month, but now I wonder if I will be able to make them.
Delta Dawn Intro
I am missing Dec/Jan 2010 issue and the yardage, hints, and instructions for making units 1 & 2. I have subsequent issues. Is there a reprint or link to the introduction that was printed in Dec/Jan 2010 issue?
paper piecing
I haven't tried it yet, but my plan is to paper piece this...I'm really bad at templates!!!
Delta Dawn - Template C?
I found template A B & BR, but can't find any info Template C - Does anyone out there know? HELP - Please!
Is part 3 in the April/May 2010 issue?
Need Pattern Templates E&Er and D
Where do I download the templates for Delta Dawn's 1, 2 and 3. So far I can only see where I can print (A & Br & B)
Yardage from Dec/Jan Issue
Fab 1 - 2 yd - 32B and 32 Br pieces Fab 2 - 2 yd - 108 B and 108 BR pieces Fab 3 1-1/2 yd Fab 4 3/4 yd Borders 3/4 yd Binding 5/8 yd That appears to be it. Sorry I missed these first time!! :-)
I cleaned house and evidently threw away my issue of Dec/Jan 2010 and would like to have the yardages for this mystery quilt. Can you give them to me?
Yardage request.
I found this at the library and I couldn't seem to find out what yardage we need. Of course, I found the mag just as they were saying that the library was about to close. Will somebody please tell m what the yardage for wach is? Thank-you so much
Thanks jljack for the instructions from the dec/jan issue. Could you please give us the yardage requirements for each fabric. Thanks in advance for all of us that don't have the issue and can't get it.
Dec/Jan 2010 Instructions
I have the magazine, so I'll do my best to put in what everyone is looking for. Choosing Fabric - 4 tones of one color, or various contrasting from dark to light. Fabric 1 is lightest, 2 & 3 are medium, 4 is darkest, and plays against 1 most often. Templates A & B/BR - Cutting: Fab 1 - 32 B, 32 BR Fab 2 - 108 B, 108 BR Fab 3 - 140 A Assembly: Referring to the unit piecing diagram (it makes a square with A starting small end in top L corner, large end in bottom R corner) sew a Fab 2 B and BR to either side of a Fab 3 A, being sure to offset the seams so that the edges of the patches line up. Make 108 unit 1s. Similarly, join a Fab 1 B and BR to either side of a Fab 3 A to make unit 2, and make 32 unit 2. The pattern makes a 57x75 throw. That is all the instructions in that issue.
delta dawn
Cannot find instructions from Dec/Jan 2010 for the Delta Dawn mystery quilt. Are they online? Where can I find them?
Instructions and Information for part 1
I've only just found the new mystery details, but can't seem to find the information from December/January 2010 issue to go with the templates which I have been able to download. As I'm in the UK I wonder if this could be emailed to me as the magazine is no longer available here. Hope you can help me over this. Like the magazine and hope to keep finding lots of new ideas for future quilts. Judy
3 1/2" squares
I agree with Dusty.I downloaded and printed the templates(make sure Adobe is showing 100% for size).For half sq.triangles I find it easier to sandwich a fabric1 and 2 right sides together.Draw a diagonal line across the square. Sew 1/4" on either side of drawn line. When sewn, cut on the drawn line. You will have two squares that are 3 1/2".
Missing directions
I too am missing the first part of this mystery quilt.I just checked online with my library, and they carry it, so will go there to copy it. Check out your libraries and maybe you'll be able to get it also.
After a couple of experimental blocks, I have found that the finished size of the blocks should be 3 1/2 inches. This allows for the 1/4 inch seam allowance to join the blocks. As for the half-square triangle block in part 2 (Unit 5), If you cut 6 three and 7/8 inch squares of fabric 1 and 6 of fabric 2, then cut them diagonally into half square triangles, when sewn together they should measure 3 1/2 inches as well.
delta dawn
Help the delta dawn just caught my interest in the feb/mar issue. can't see to find info on part 1. any chance someone can help me the magizine issue on b/o....thanks alot
delta dawn
Cutting suggestions
I wish the directions would give you an idea of how to cut the fabric. I hate to cut into my fabric and then don't have enough. Directions just aren't clear enough such as finished block sizes. I agree with all coments.
delta dawn
i was one of the first to ask for measurements and haven't received an answer or seen the info posted anywhere. i just sent an email to the mag. asking them to read the blog. it has been a month since i wrote...we'll see what happens!
Delta Dawn
Hi, I also would like to know the finished sizes of the blocks. I don't do well with templates & was planning to convert the pattern to foundation piecing. I'd very much appreciate the size information. Thanks!
Missing December 2009 Issue
Is it possible to get a copy of the original article, to find ot the yardage required, fabric shopping hints and complete instructions for making units 1 & 2
Delta Dawn
I am a fairly new quilter. How do I find out the finished size of the block as so many have already asked for. I would like to complete this mystery quilt, but I must rely on others here who are more experienced to know what questions to ask.
Delta Dawn
There are NO finished sizes for the squares given in Dec/Jan 2010 for 1st installment of Delta Dawn. I have the templates, but it would be nice to know the finished square sizes. Also for Units 1,2,3,4, and 5...what are the finished sizes? You give the C-half-square triangle as 3 7/8", but is that after it is finished? Help.
I have all my fabric, now I need to know the finished size of unit1 and unit 2 . I think this will be a beautiful quilt.
I no longer have my Dec/Jan issue. Is there any way to obtain the yardage, quilt size, and directions that I missed for Part 1? Thanks
Delta Dawn Part 1
I am another one who is missing the part 1 info from the mag. Is it possible for you to email that to me? I'm a subscriber.
dec./Jan. mystery quilt
I need the info on the Delta Dawn mystery quilt from the Dec./Jan, 2010 issue. Mine was borrowed and not returned. I can't find the info on the web. Also what's the finished size of each block? It's a lot of fabric to turn into a UFO if they won't go together. Tks
Missing Part 1 instructions
I gave my December issue to a friend and they no longer have it. I would like to participate in the mystery quilt Delta Dawn but do not have the instructions for Part 1 Can they be emailed to me? Please and thank you.
re: sarichson
Thank you for that tip. It worked! I'm a quilter and a typist but not a computer tech as you can see. I'll be sure to use that tip in the future. Thanks again.
Hi - my dec/jan mag was damaged in a flood - can someone send me the info for the mystery quilt from that issue, please? thank you so much.
re: emcl500 and Mawhinney
For emcl500 - It took me a few minutes but the 3 7/8" the size of the square to cut to make half square triangles. To Mawhinney: Check to make sure that scaling was turned off when you printed the templates.
Check for accuracy
I also would like the finished size of unit to check for accuracy and maintain percision. Missy
Finished block sizes, please
Just asking for the finished block size for each block. It is an important piece of information and should be included in the instructions, especially for a mystery quilt. If the answer is not provided here (10 days w/o and answer so far), perhaps future issues can reflect the finished block size. I, too, am interested in making the quilt, just not interested in making it incorrectly.
Please clarify finished size of square. Templates on the website are smaller than in the magazine. The half triangle squares in the Feb/March issues are 3 7/8th--is that also supposed to be the finished size for all the other squares??? Or is the finished size 3 /12--that's what mine measure. Help!Please. I also don't want to make hundreds of squares without definite sizes.
i can find instructions in the december 2010 issues
pleas sent instruction to
Download templates
Brendatoo, the download is on this same page in which you posted your comment. It is highlighted in blue in the description of the quilt pattern.
Size of Templates
I am concerned with continuity in size of templates as I have downloaded the online templates and they are a good 1/4" smaller than the magazine version . . . ? What to do?
Mytery construction
My squares are also coming out 3 1/2 inches, but the corner where the three fabrics come together is different...the point is 1/4" in on both sides. It appears that when sewn to another unit, the point will come out perfectly, but the picture shows the point flush with the edge. Don't want to make 100 more in the wrong manner. Should the point come all the way to the edge?
Delta Dawn Mystery Throw
I would be great to know the size of the finished units.
delta dawn mystery throw
I can't find the download for the full size template patterns for A and B/BR.
square measurement
i too would like the measurement of the finished square before i make 103 squares!
the good measures
I have begun this project but before to go further, as it is the first time I'm doing that , I wanted to know the measure of the finished square like showed (included the seams allowances of 1/4 inch on each side) ? I have sew one and it is 3 1/2 inch square with the seams allowances .... is it right ? Thank you so much ! I'm very happy to do it withe the ladies of my quilting group in a little village sin the east of France ...but first I must be right with my square !!!!


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