Christmas Flag Quilt, week 1

Tina Curran
Christmas Flag Quilt, week 1

Every week through November 6, 2012 Quilters Newsletter will post the free full-size quilt foundation patterns for Tina Curran's Christmas Flag quilt (80" x 52"). This week, we've posted the free full-size foundation patterns for the first three trees. We’ve also included assembly for the field of trees section, so you can see how they’ll eventually be arranged:


Christmas Flag quilt: Introduction

Free Full-Size Foundations: Tree 1

Free Full-Size Foundations: Tree 1R

Free Full-Size Foundations: Tree 2


Pick up a copy of Quilters Newsletter August/September 2012 for a list of fabrics


View enlarged image of finished quilt


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Mismatched pieces
All was going well until -- the Presents. Present #2 does not match! The front and the left front side comes down lower than the front of the present. :( Double checked my printing, and it's the pattern! Bah, Humbug. Hopefully this is the only time. Been through all trees, and 1st 4 rows without much of a problem. Package #2 needs to be fixed. I'm an experienced paper piecer, and I've tried this pattern several times. Not that anyone ever answers these comments.
I have all the patterns but don't have the magazine that goes with the christmas flag. How do I get a copy so that I can get started on it.
I have printed out all the patterns so far but can't work out how to cut them. There looks to be a seam allowance around the edge but not around each section. I don't know how to start. Please help
Weihnachten Flagge Quilt
Hallo ich möchte mitnähen diesen schönen Weihnachtsquilt Liebe Grüße Gertrud
fabric requirements
I dont seem to be able to find the fabric requiremeents in the Aug/Sept issue. Can anyone help?
Problem Downloading
I have downloaded and saved all the tree patterns so far, except that I have been unable to download Tree 1R and Tree 2. I get a message that says the files don't exist. Am I doing something wrong?
Tree 1R Unit 1 Correction?
I think the order of the patches are reversed for 2 and 3. I got the piecing to work by attaching 1 and 3, first. Then adding piece 2.
Christmas Flag
Hermoso proyecto y con una de mis técnicas preferidas, gracias por compartirlo.
This is an adorable project and I'm anxious to start it. Thank you so much for offering it on-line.
Christmas Flag
I just got hooked up to this!! How fabulous! Now I just have to get one of the many ink cartridges replaced so the printer will print again.. Time to pull fabrics
Christmas Flag
These little trees are addictive! I don't want to stop.
Christmas Flag
Such a great project to do with friends. Can't wait to get started.
Christmas Flag
Such a fun Christmas Quilt to start during these exceptionally hot, humid sunny summer days! A few blocks each week makes it manageable. What is the finished size of the flag? I was surprised to see that the foundation patterns were so large. From the picture in the magazine I expected a miniature quilt, which I also think would be adorable and fun.
Christmas Flag
I'm excited to get started - terrific opportunity for me to use some of my 'stash'!!
Response to question
We'll be posting patterns each week, but they won't disappear! The foundations will be uploaded weekly and will remain on our website indefinitely, so you can log on and print the pdfs at your own convenience!
Christmas Flag
Love this pattern! However, I will probably be unable to go to the website each week. Any ideas what I should do? I am positive I saw this same pattern somewhere else. Did anyone else?
Christmas Flaf
My issue came in the mail yesterday. I am so excited that you have this pattern on line. Thanks to Tina Curran for sharing her great design. Love it!
Christmas Flag
This issue came in the mail yesterday. I sat down to look at it, and as soon as I turned the page to "Christmas Flag", I knew I had to make it. This quilt is awesome! Kudos to Tina Curran and the staff at QNM for making these patterns available on the internet! I immediately went to your website for the patterns, and found that they had not been added--yet. Today, I tried again and presto--there they are! I will definitely be printing the patterns each week, and keep them in page protectors in a three-ring binder. How clever, a Block of the Week for Christmas! Thank you so much!


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