Geese in the Mountain Garden

Barbara E. Lies

Barbara E. Lies's spectacular quilt Geese in the Mountain Garden is shown on the cover of  the April/May 2009 issue of Quilters Newsletter. In the issue, Barbara shares her free-motion machine applique technique and the pattern for her original foundation-pieced Goose Blossom. QN combined Barbara’s Goose Blossom with a traditional Princess Feather block and came up with Princess Goose Feather, a 16" applique block for you.

Princess Goose Feather

  1. Print 8 Goose Blossom foundations. Foundation piece 8 Goose Blossoms and prepare the completed Goose Blossoms for applique.
  2. Cut an 18" square of back­ground fabric. Fold the square in half horizontally, vertically, and on both diagonals. Press the folds lightly. Unfold. Referring to the Princess Goose Feather block diagram, arrange the completed Goose Blossoms on the back­ground square, using the folds
    as guides for placement. Pin or baste in place. Use your favorite technique or the one described in the issue to applique the Goose Blossoms.
  3. Make templates for a 2" diameter circle and a 3/4" diameter circle. Draw around the templates and cut applique patches, adding E" turn-under allowances by eye. Prepare the circles for applique. Referring to the block diagram, center the small circle on the large circle and place them in the center of the block covering the ends of the Goose Blossoms. Applique in place.
  4. On a padded ironing surface, press the completed applique from the back. Measuring from the center, trim the block to 16 1/2".

Download the PDF.

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Broken or missing link
I geta message that it is a broken link when I try to download the pdf. an you fix it please... I love this one. Thanks.
Geese Quilt
I absolutely love this quilt, and want to make it... however unlike the rest of you who cannot get past the fact that the pattern was not given completely, I DO NOT want to make an exact duplicate. I never do, even when I follow a pattern. I like to make the item mine, and that means using my imagination.....something you all seem to have forgotten how to do. SHAME on you. Intellectual property is valuable. Desigining a quilt is a lot of work. I'm a complete amateur and have just done so with a lot of determination and error along the way. Kudos to you B.Lies and QNL for NOT giving away this pattern.
Wonderful Quilt NEED pattern
Ms Lies I love your quilt. Was saddened to find out that the pattern was not complete. Please consider making one and selling it! I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO BUY IT COMPLETE.
what an absolutely beautiful quilt!
Ms. Lies your quilt is breathtaking! If I was a quilt juror I would rank it first place! If I was a voter, I'd give it best of show!
An explanation of the On the Cover Feature
The cover quilts are meant to inspire! Take the information offered and run with it! Create your own masterpiece, not a cookie-cutter version of someone else’s work. If you open your April/May issue to page 68, and re-read the “webextra” note, it specifically says that “you’ll find patterns and instructions for paper piecing eight Goose Blossoms and stitching a 16” Princess Goose Feather block.” Nowhere does it say “you’ll find the entire pattern for Geese in the Mountain Garden”. Nowhere does it say you’ll get the pattern for the center block. Given the amount of misinformation that is being conveyed, an explanation of the On the Cover feature is necessary. From the sound of several posts, it appears that people have purchased the magazine, did not read thoroughly, and made assumptions that the entire pattern for the beautiful cover quilt was available on the website. That is not, nor has ever been the case. Please allow me to explain. Longtime readers of Quilters Newsletter will remember that prior to the September 2005 issue, we always showed a fabulous quilt on the cover, and gave a brief description of it on the masthead. Due to numerous requests from our loyal subscribers, we began the On the Cover Feature, in an effort to offer more. However, given copyright and space considerations we are never allowed to give the entire pattern. For one, if we did so, it would probably be the only pattern in the issue, as all of the quilts are far too complicated. If you didn’t like the quilt, then what? Second, the cost of the issue would have to jump to the cost of a pattern ($12-$15). Third, many of our cover quiltmakers make their livelihood in the quilting world, either by teaching classes, workshops, or retreats, or by selling patterns. While I find them all to be kind and generous people, they are not–and wisely so–going to give away their work for free. Consequently, the feature sometimes focuses on part of the quilt, or it may detail a technique that was used. Again, adherence to copyright law is a huge consideration, and we take our responsibility seriously. The debate rages on here in the editorial offices. Should we return to the old way of only showing the cover quilt with no additional information? Is offering something better that nothing? I sometimes wonder. One thing is certain, we will continue to offer the best information, quilting news, techniques, lessons, patterns and features we can find. If, in the future, the quiltmaker wishes to offer an entire pattern, we will convey that information on the website, so that interested quilters will be aware. Cordially yours, Joli Hines Sayasane Assistant Editor, Quilters Newsletter
Bemused "Goose" herder
Am I alone in appreciating the sheer tenacity of Ms. Lies in designing, assembling, laboring over and finishing her striking wonderful "Geese.." quilt? I have grown older trying not to lust after the talents of others, unless I truly cannot master them myself. Only then do I give way to "Gee, if only..." moments. It is no shame to attempt something with scrap paper, pencil and eraser. It used to be the hallmark of our obsession, people, that we would copy those things we wanted for our selves, and not fear if a detail needed puzzling out, or changing to fit. The perfect sewn creation is one guided by many hands. The library and any church function are better sources of "does anybody remember how to do this?"- type knowledge than anywhere else; practically an unlimited supply of female smarts. I urge you all to apologise to Ms. Lies, go looking for your local mine of sewing knowledge, and get back into having the rare ability to enjoy yourselves while creating and sharing beauty.
Geese In The Mountain
Beautiful quilt, not complete paperpiecing patterns for all the appliques. Where are the directions for the loopy border? This is like some of those "family secret" recipies. No one can really make it . I wouldn't want to make it the same, but some basic instructions for the loopy border and complete applique patterns would be a minimal start.
Center medallion
Dear Susiesioux, I really appreciate this last courteous comment but gosh I'm just not that powerful! It may have been a mistake for me to enter the conversation but I really wanted people to know how much I have appreciated the positive comments posted by some. Believe me -- it's been one of the thrills of my life for the quilt to be invited for the cover of QN! The central medallion (I think that's what you're asking for?) does not exist as a single block. I designed it one piece at a time while designing the rest of the quilt intended only for display in shows rather than as a pattern for sale. I liked QN's block above so much I made one for myself from the left over pieces! Keep creating! BEL
why are corrections not forthcoming?
Ms. Lies, you are obviously monitoring this discusssion. why don't you have the newsletter post the pattern for the entire block? No one is asking for the entire quilt! Then the magazine and your credibility is restored. Thank you for your consideration of this.
geese in the mountain
what a disaster not complete and in one size !!!
Loopy edge
I'm glad you like the loopy edge. That was inspired by Sharon Schambers very intricate loopy edges. You can view her truly amazing work by Googling her name. You are right -- the loops are basicly turned tubes. I worked out my own technique for this during the year I spent designing and making Geese in the Mountain Garden. A good reference for you would be in a bridal couture book from the local library. That's where I got my starting point. I LOVE to hear of the creativity and problem solving of people like you Best wishes and happy quilting!
not what the magazine says
Everyone else has described my experience. I just hope someone reads all of these posts and takes heed. I was able to download the flying goose feathers pattern, but not any applique templates. I, too, purchased this magazine for the cover quilt. Before I purchase a subscription, I'll check a few more promises for patterns, either in the magazine pages or online. I hope this was a one time goof and not common practice for this magazine.
love this quilt
my ? is the very outside trim loops with the pink flowers. very speical I have never seen this done. can anyone tell me how it is done. It looks like long pieces of fabric made into tubes and turned inside out or something. I love it
What a great illustration of the need to "read before you post".
P.S. Not only did I purchase this issue so did my sister because we both wanted the pattern.
I am saddened to find out that I purchased your magazine in good faith because I believed the pattern for the cover quilt was included only to find out it was not. How does one have faith in your issues from here on to purchase another magazine or for that matter a subscription?
Very misleading-pattern not complete
Geese on the MT. pattern is a disappointment-do it right or not at all. The center could have been more complete.
My first experience with using "Web Extras" what a dissapointment! Complete it in QN magazine!
Geese in the Mountain Garden
What's the point of making a comment? This has been a very frustrating time on your website.
Geese in the Mountain Garden
It’s really nice to read that many of you liked my quilt, Geese on the Mountain Garden. Thank you! A pattern for the whole quilt would need a whole book. I designed Geese in the Mountain Garden as I worked on it. Maybe a pattern will come along later but for now I need to keep my day job! Thanks for understanding. BEL
geese onthe mountain
will it ever happen in this century????
geese on the mountain
when is the pattern avail.
Geese in the Mountain Garden
I couldn't get this one to work either . It's beautiful . I would make this one .
Geese in the Mountain Garden
Aren't there patterns for the center flower and the flower buds?
geese in mountain garden
I bought the magazine for this pattern....what a disappointment...can't even access it on-line. What's the deal?
geese in the mountain garden
what a let down, I was getting really excited for this pattern. Please fix link, thank you
lIKE TO pdf
Link does not work. Also, pattern includes 2 alternating sizes of the blossom -- where is the second (larger and reversed) size?
Link to PDF
There's no way that's the whole pattern.
Link to PDF
This link doesn't work
Copy and Paste
If you copy and paste this llink into the address bar you should get the download. Thanks rkhenning!
Where's the download for Geese in the Mountain Garden
unable to open the download....would love to get's beautiful.
Geese in the Mountain Garden Download
I am unable to download the pdf file for this pattern and would very much llike to have it. Help?
Does anyone have the EQ file for making the applique templates? Thanks!
Corrected link to PDF File
The link is missing the dot com after the quiltersnewsletter I could download it with this correction.
PDF Geese and Mountain Garden
The link to the PDF appears to be broken. Do you have an ETA for the fix?
PDF Geese and Mountain Garden
Please fix pdf really soon. I want this pattern too.
PDF file
I cant pull up the pdf file - hope you fix this soon
Lovely quilt but...
I can't access the pdf file. Apparently neither can a lot of other people!
error message
Please fix the page error. I REALLY want this pattern!
What a beautiful quilt!
I want to download the pdf, but the page is missing or or something.
Geese in the Mountain Garden
I geta message that it is a broken link when I try to download the pdf
I love this! However, I have tried several time to download the PDF and nothing happens!


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