LeMoyne Star Variation & Nine Quilt Layouts

LeMoyne Star Variation & Nine Quilt Layouts

nother Piece Please!

To accompany the blocks in "Another Piece, Please," the block bonanza in the April/May 2009 issue if Quilters Newsletter, here are nine easy quilt settings to consider. Color the line drawings to plan fabric and value placements, referring, if you like, to the smaller value placement diagram we've included with each quilt setting. Remember that it's the careful placement of value that makes secondary patterns emerge, but that random color and value placement can result in a pleasing quilt, too!

Another Piece, Please! PDF - LeMoyne Star Pattern.

Quilt Setting Coloring Pages:

LeMonyne Star Variation PDF.


Arkansas Traveler PDF.

Flying Squares PDF.

Four X Variation PDF.

Granny's Choice Variation PDF.

Plaid Delight PDF.

Propeller PDF.

Rainbow Steps PDF.

Triple Irish Chain PDF.

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missing files
all of those links are missing ;-\
pdf's working!
Hello All, not sure what happened–and with the holiday weekend we weren't here to answer, but everything is working again, I just downloaded it all. Thanks for letting us know!
computer downloads
I also get the "file does not exist" message for all the Another Piece Please files. Can you send them to me?
problems with files
I too would like to download these files, but cannot. Help, please.
LeMoyne star and nine quilt blocks
I would like to download the LeMoyne star variation + nine quilt blocks from "Another Piece, Please" Quilters Newsletter April/May. However, it says "this file does not exist". How can I find and print these?
Yardage and Cutting Instructions
I would like to see yardage requirements and cutting instructions for setting triangles and borders.
nine easy quilt settings to consider
I did't find the quilt design for "Another Piece, Please!" at the link above. Could you please send it to me at jbuckler@neb.rr.com. Thanks
washing precuts
You can wet them and let them dry. DONT wash them in a washer, they will fray badly. Just put them in a bowl of water and then air dry then press and starch. I dont pre-wash I might steam to shrink. But I love the look I get with NOT pre-washing. I use color picker-uppers in the wash for any bleeding issues.
Dreadful PDF's
PDF's with clear, sharp, color illustrations and good directions for assembly would be really valuable. The ones here are really disappointing!
Washing precuts?
Great ideas but how do wash them before sewing?


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