On the Cover: Tuscan Sun

Gina Perkes
On the Cover: Tuscan Sun

Print and download a full-size quilting motif for Tuscan Sun.


Please note: When downloading and printing a PDF that has size-specific material such as templates, applique patterns, and quilting motifs, you must turn the scaling to "off" to prevent your system from defaulting to settings that may shrink the page and distort sizes. In the print dialog box, look for the drop-down menu next to "Page Scaling." You'll have a few options depending on the computer system you are using. Choose "None" before you hit print. And always make a test unit or block before cutting into expensive fabric.

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Tuscan Sun for sale?
I'm a little slow sometimes in digesting every issue, but I would love to buy Gina Perkes Tuscan Sun pattern.
tuscan sun quilt
I would REALLY like to buy the pattern for this quilt. Is it being offered?
Tucsan Sun Pattern
I don't believe that Gina should feel obligated in any way to provide this pattern for free. Designers make a living through their quilts & their quilt designs. I think it would be great if She decides to some day publish the pattern for sale & a link was provide for purchase, but no reason that it should be free to be able to reproduce this stunning & award winning quilt. But this is just one quilters opinion.
tuscan sun
Hello, I do not believe that a creator of a quilt is obliged to give away her pattern for free. after all the work she as put into it, I find it is perfectly normal to agree to publish the picture but not give away the pattern. I would never agree to give away a pattern like that for free. I find it awfull that quilters would use such arguments and even write to the magazine to tell them that she intends to report the magazine to the BBB for not publishing the pattern. I say create your own pattern, you will be proud to say it is your creation. Louise Canada
Tuscan Sun
Having been a subscriber for over 25 years I have seen many quilts in the magazine and many that have not had a pattern included. I don't feel cheated at all; I feel inspired to try and create a design that will inspire others. Shame on you for thinking that an artist must give you instructions on creating your master piece.
Educate yourselves!
Gina's stunigorgeous Tuscan Sun has won so many awards at major shows that she has probably lost count. Google her name and the quilt. And you expect her to give you a pattern like this for the price of a magazine? I was awed at her generosity for even sharing the two applique motifs. Honor the creativity and innovation of this artist without thinking you can copy her work without the effort she has put into developing her art. If you want to accomplish her level of artistry or that of any artist then you need to excercise your own creativity and stop complaining that you don't have the pattern. Would you have complained to Andrew Wyeth to provide you with paint by number sets for his work?
This pattern
Unlike recent posters, I'm grateful to Gina for sharing this quilting design. I recognize how much original thought went into creating this quilt and why she might not want to see recreations made. Instead of copying from a pattern, other quilters might be inspired to stretch themselves by making their own from this inspiration. Then you could enter it in a show!
Why give only the quilt design. WE wanted the pattern
Tuscan Sun
I too am very disappointed that no pattern was included in the magazine or on your site.
Tuscan Sun
I too am very disappointed that no pattern was included in the magazine or on your site.
Tuscan Sun
I too am very disappointed that there is no pattern for this quilt at your site or in the magazine.
Tuscan Sun
I was very disappointed when I purchased this magazine today. I was looking forward to creating this gorgeous quilt. I feel very robbed :(
Tuscan Sun
Was so excited by the cover picture, and then disappointed that there wasn't a pattern. Tuscan Sun is one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen.
Tuscan Sun
Hopefully you'll have pattern
Tuscan Sun
Expected the pattern or at least the technique used for the applique in your magazine.
Tuscan sun
Absolutely fantastic!
Received my magazine in today's mail. I'm hoping there will be an entire pattern set to purchase.
I can't wait to see this issue in person! This is awesom!


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