Quilting Spoken in Every Language

Linda Hungerford
Quilting Spoken in Every Language

Quilting Spoken in Every Language By Linda Hungerford In the January/February 2008 issue of Quilters Newsletter (issue 399), Linda Hungerford introduces readers to the beautiful Muslim prayer quilts created by Amal Al-Muhammad, who lives in the United Arab Emirates. Here is another of her prayer quilts. Linda’s son-in-law Maher AlJundi, who is originally from Irbid, Jordan, and now lives in Sydney, Australia, graciously translated the Arabic lettering on the quilt for QN and provided the background information about the prayer.

This quilt depicts a common Muslim prayer written in a decorative Arabic typeface. This particular prayer can be recited anytime but is usually recited after completing each of the five daily compulsory prayers. This prayer is a call for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.

It says, “Allah (God), you do not request anything that cannot be done by us. A person’s good deeds are his and every person’s sins are his. Our Lord we ask your forgiveness for any worship we forgot to do and for any sins we have done. Our Lord, we ask you not to ask of us what you know we cannot do. We ask you for your forgiveness and mercy; you are our Lord; please aid us against the nonbelievers.”

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