The Bride

The Bride

The Bride is Back!

Download and print the full-sized foundation for the Bride as she was originally published in the June 2007 issue.

After completing the foundation-piecing, fuse the flowers in place to complete her ensemble. Match her with the Groom featured in the June/July 2009 issue so the happy couple will be together at last.

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Groom pattern june 2009 issue
is it possible to get a digital copy of the june 2009 issue...would really like the groom paper piecing pattern.
the groom
first thank you for providing the bride again second everyone who is looking for the groom, he is in the current QNL waiting for you thank you, blessings
the groom
where can I download the Groom? SHe's lonely without him.
the groom
where can I download the Groom?
Just in Time!
Just in time for my daughter's wedding this summer. Thank you!
happy to be able to get the bride, every groom needs one.
Really Cute!
I think I need several pairs for this summer


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