Just for Fun

Just for Fun

More close-up photos of Mary McCauley's Sunbonnet Zoo

In the September/October 2008 issue of QN, "Just for Fun" features Mary McCauley's Sunbonnet Sue animals–zoo creatures in hats! Here are a few more of Mary's humorous interpretations of the traditional Sunbonnet Sue pattern.

Download the pdf.

Appeared in:

September/October 2008

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Mary McCauley's Sunbonnet Zoo
Has Mary McCauley put out a pattern for the Sunbonnet Zoo quilt and if so, where do I get it?
Purchase Pattern
How do I go about purchasing this pattern?
These, along with Sue, are great for a child's quilt. Thx
link to pdf fixed!
Once reported to the webmaster, the link was promptly fixed! Thank you!!!
Just for Fun
The PDF doesn't match the quilt!!!


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