Just for Fun

Just for Fun

More close-up photos of Mary McCauley's Sunbonnet Zoo

In the September/October 2008 issue of QN, "Just for Fun" features Mary McCauley's Sunbonnet Sue animals–zoo creatures in hats! Here are a few more of Mary's humorous interpretations of the traditional Sunbonnet Sue pattern.

Download the pdf.

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re: pattern
Hi ilv2sew, so far as our records indicate, Sunbonnet Zoo was never patterned. Good luck in creating your own!
bonnet zoo
Can this pattern be purchased
Mary McCauley's Sunbonnet Zoo
Has Mary McCauley put out a pattern for the Sunbonnet Zoo quilt and if so, where do I get it?
Purchase Pattern
How do I go about purchasing this pattern?
These, along with Sue, are great for a child's quilt. Thx
link to pdf fixed!
Once reported to the webmaster, the link was promptly fixed! Thank you!!!
Just for Fun
The PDF doesn't match the quilt!!!


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