Do You Know the Magic Numbers?

Margaret Rolfe revealed the secret numbers that help you draft most quilt blocks to rotary-friendly sizes in the QN December 2008/January 2009 issue. Here are a few more brainteasers to test your knowledge:

1. Lady of the Lake If the square you cut diagonally to make two triangles is 2 7/8˝ x 2 7/8˝, what size is the block?





2. Aunt Dinah If the square you cut to make four triangles is 3 3/4˝ x 3 3/4˝, what size is the block?




3. Shooting Star For a 9˝ block, what size should you cut the square? 


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In this little extra quiz I could not find problem 4 although the answer is just above here, a minor web page problem I'm sure. BUT, in the Feb/Mar issue original article Problem #4, Snail's Trail, the answer of 3 1/4 is mathematically incorrect. The hypoteneuse of the outlined triangle would be 2" for an 8" block. That would make each side of the triangle a fraction (the square root of 2/2), an irrational number which most quilters would find impossible to deal with. Can you explain your reasoning and your answer? Thanks.
Where are the answers?
All I see is a red X


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