Three Ways to Quilt as You Sew

Three Ways to Quilt as You Sew

Crys Kyle and Wendy Hill, two quilters who are members of the same guild in Sunriver, Oregon, discovered three good reasons to revisit the quilt-as-you-sew concept. Their article in the August/September 2009 issue of Quilters Newsletter gives step-by-step instructions for three variations of the basic technique.

Method 1: Layer the top and batting only with no backing. Quilt individual blocks, sections, or a whole top. Join the blocks or sections, right sides together, and then add the backing. Add enough quilting to hold all three layers together and bind as usual.

Method 2: Quilt the blocks through all three layers and join the blocks with sashing strips on the front and back.

Method 3: Quilt the blocks through all three layers. Join the blocks right sides together and cover the seams on the back.  

Here are just a few examples of quilts that Wendy made. Hold the mouse over the image to see a detail photo.
Photos by Craig Howell

What Beautiful Chaos
What Beautiful Chaos, 26˝ x 27˝, 2005, method 1.
Making the Rounds
Making the Rounds, 40˝ x 40˝, 2003, method 1.
Around and Abou
Around and About, 28˝ x 32˝, 2005 method 1.
Cherry Phosphate
Cherry Phosphate, 71˝ x 84˝, 2002, method 2.
Cherry Phosphate, quilt back
Cherry Phosphate, quilt back.
Out Far, In Deep
Out Far, In Deep, 91˝ x 55˝, 2007, method 3.

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What about the Cotton Theory?
This is the 4th or 5th way...who knew...
Method 4....or an alternative method 3
I call this method QUAYGO: QUilt As You GO. It involves starting from the center of the quilt and working out. Similar to Method 2, QUAYGOs allow you to attach front and back of the next row or column, then pin in batting and quilt as desired...or use some of those fancy stitches no one ever uses to quilt the batting down. One good part of starting in the middle is that you can pin two sides (front and back) at a time. Another is that you are always sewing on the outside of the quilt. Check out some of my examples on my blog:
Quilt as You Sew
I'm beginning to think I'm psychic or there is a little dejavu going on here. Last time I went to a quilting class our teacher introduced us to patterns for quilts that you quilt as you go. And voila, today in Quilters Newsletter I have three more methods. I have many projects in the works which I need to finish first but I'm dyiing to try the method so I'm going to allow myself to make a table runner which won't cut into to much of my sewiing time. Speaking of projects, I better get back to them!
The quilt as you sew concept
I long wanted to use this concept after seeing the #2 method used in a quilt displayed in an exhibition. Now with the three ways to do it in this article, I am sure I will use it soon or later...No later than within the next two year as I prepare for an exhibition within my group of quilters (in which I am a student) for our 2011 exhibition.


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