It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

Somehow this weekend, between making three batches of cookies with some of the grandchildren on Saturday and then making three more batches of cookies with the help of my youngest son on Sunday afternoon, I finished a quilt. And I really love it.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

I made It’s Super Sheep with Moda’s Darling Little Dickens fabric collection.

I talked about it in my blog a couple of weeks ago and said that I had trouble figuring out how to quilt it. I got great suggestions from my friends and co-workers Paula Stoddard and Tricia Patterson.

So here are the cute little bees that Paula suggested.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

And here are the sheep. They were Tricia’s idea.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

I doodled both designs with paper and pencil several times before I started quilting. They are all free-motion quilting so I think doodling first is important. It helps your brain figure out the pattern. If you have trouble at first, it’s just paper – you can throw it away. But if you start stitching and have trouble, you have to unsew and that’s no fun.

One other observation about this quilt: I pieced the back and used the extra fabric that I cut away after I’d quilted to make the binding. The seams on the binding are straight, not diagonal, so there is quite a bit of bulk at each seam in the binding.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

I paid special attention as I was pressing the binding to get those seams as flat as possible. I used lots of steam and really took my time. But the bulk was still enough that I had to be careful as I was stitching so my sewing machine would go over the “bump.” My conclusion is that there is a reason we recommend the seams in the binding be on the diagonal.

 It’s Super Sheep Is Done!

And look what I found as I was sitting here looking at my quilt and writing about it. I missed one little spot of quilting. It’s a really small area, about the size of a dollar bill so it will only take a minute or two. I’m glad I saw it now instead of when I was giving it away.

It’s Super Sheep is a web bonus that goes with my Gone To Pieces quilt that is in the January/February 2017 issue of McCall’s Quilting. That issue is available now at your local quilt shop and on newsstands or at

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Christmas Quilts

Today, I want to show three of my Christmas quilts. None of these are quick projects but they are a part of the decorations at my house.

12 5 16 Santas workshop Christmas Quilts

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is machine embroidered with a couple of fun touches. Santa’s beard and the fur on his hat are white synthetic fur and his apron is faux leather. Those two additions and all the details make this a fun little wall hanging. The embroidery collection is an old one from Pfaff but I don’t remember the name.

12 5 16 Santareindeer Christmas Quilts

Santa and His Reindeer

This little wall hanging has a special spot in my heart. I found the center with Santa and his reindeer unfinished in the things I inherited from my mother-in-law.  She had them fused in place but that was all. I blanket stitched around them and added the borders.

The red border is corduroy. The quilting in that border says “ho ho ho.” In the green border the quilting says Merry Christmas in several different languages.

12 5 2016 Carpenters Wheel Christmas Quilts

My Christmas Table Runner

The third quilt is new this year. Sara Gallegos, host of My First Quilt on QNN TV, is my friend. I made this table runner for her when she was getting ready to film the first set of segments for the show. She used this quilt to talk about keeping all the different pieces of a quilt organized. Check out that segment of My First Quilt  or if you would like to see all the segments in the series, look here.

Sara will be here next week to film another series for My First Quilt. I can hardly wait for her to arrive.

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Scrap Bag: CBS spotlights heavy metal quilter, valuing a quilter’s work, quilts come home, and more

And just like that, it’s December! Scrap Bag took last week off due to Thanksgiving, which means this week’s post is bursting with quilt-related news.

LeatherQuilts 800 Scrap Bag: CBS spotlights heavy metal quilter, valuing a quilters work, quilts come home, and more

Western Roundup, 55″ x 65″, 2016, by Cathy Wiggins

This has been a year of tremendous growth for Cathy Wiggins and her passion for making art quilts from leather. In addition to being featured in Quilters Newsletter’s  August/September 2016 issue, Cathy has received other press coverage and shows for her quilts, not to mention sales of her pieces. In her recent blog post “Stop Selling Yourself Short!”, Cathy addressed the all-too-prevalent issue among quilters and the quilt industry of properly valuing the work they do from a monetary standpoint.


IDareEagles copy 1024x584 Scrap Bag: CBS spotlights heavy metal quilter, valuing a quilters work, quilts come home, and more

I Go Where Eagles Dare, 108″ x 60″, 2012 by Ben Venom. Photo courtesy CAFAM

In its Thanksgiving weekend episode, CBS’s “Sunday Morning” show included a segment on quilter Ben Venom and his heavy-metal-t-shirt quilts. (The video is no longer available for free viewing, but the link will take you to a full transcript with more images.)


One of Canada’s most famous quilts recently underwent conservation efforts and was returned to its home at the Kings County Museum in Hampton, New Brunswick. The crazy quilt was made from scraps of gowns worn by women who attended galas during the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, at which representatives from the colonies of British North America met to discuss Canadian Confederation.* Four years after the museum sent the quilt to the Canadian Conservation Institute to be restored, the quilt came back in a custom crate that was too large to fit through the museum’s doors. But it’s now back in the museum and being readied for display in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2017.

*I have to confess I didn’t know anything about this until reading about it to write this blurb. I clearly have much to learn about Canadian history.


A woman in Garland, Texas, put Facebook to work to track down the owners of a photo memory quilt she found alongside a busy highway. Without knowing anything about the owners and having no names to go by, Amanda Hanes posted photos of the quilt on Facebook and encouraged people to share them in the hopes that someone would recognize the people in the photo-transfer patches. Within a few days her Facebook post had been shared enough for a woman in California to contact Amanda with information on the owners so the quilt could be returned.


In yet another story of a quilt coming home thanks to someone from the Lone Star State, a signature quilt made in 1945 by members of the Busy Bee club in Fairview, Montana, was recently returned by a woman from Kemp, Texas. The woman has no ties to Fairview nor did she recount why she had the quilt. She just called the Chamber of Commerce president to ask if they’d like it and then sent it to City Hall, where it arrived the day before Thanksgiving. A permanent home for the quilt is now being sought.


The tragic school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that killed six children and injured other students shocked and saddened many of us all around the country. Local quilters quickly launched a project to make quilts for the survivors of the crash, and have already received contributions from nearby and other states such as Colorado and Illinois “so that they know that there are strangers out there that love them, that care for them,” one quilter said.


The protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota inspired well-known longarmer Karen McTavish and her mother, quilter Janet McTavish, to collaborate on a quilt that expresses solidarity with the #NoDAPL movement. The quilt is being displayed as part of a benefit on December 9 in Duluth, Minnesota, that will include an art exhibit and performances to raise funds to purchase food for protesters at the camp.


Quilt Alliance has released its 2016 annual report in video form. QN and Quilt Alliance have enjoyed a long collegial relationship and we wish them continued success in their work to preserve and document quilt history (or as I like to call it, the “why” of quilting).


International Quilt Study Center & Museum has named Jean Ray Laury’s Seven Camels Heading West (1984) as its December Quilt of the Month.


This week saw ceremonies around the world in recognition of World AIDS Day, many of which included exhibits of panels from the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. One such ceremony took place in Monaco where Princess Stéphanie, who has been a longtime AIDS awareness leader, and her daughter Camille handed out eight AIDS Memorial quilts containing the names of 72 people who died from the disease.


14388 holidaymarkdowns 600x Scrap Bag: CBS spotlights heavy metal quilter, valuing a quilters work, quilts come home, and more

You didn’t hear it from me, but the word on the street is that a few holiday-themed quilt kits from Quilt and Sew Shop that are still officially considered “new arrivals” have been marked down up to 30% off.

QNKBCQ Scrap Bag: CBS spotlights heavy metal quilter, valuing a quilters work, quilts come home, and more

Cookie Swap Party quilt

This includes kits such as Cookie Swap Party, which we featured in our Best Christmas Quilts 2016 special issue. The kit includes 20 fat quarters for the blocks plus fabric for the background and binding, all from the Cookie Exchange collection by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. Originally $99.99, it’s marked down to $69.99, which is a terrific deal considering the kit comes with 7.5  yards of fabric in addition to the pattern. Click here to learn more about the Cookie Swap Party quilt kit.

Meanwhile, the coordinating backing fabric (which you could use as a focus print in your own holiday quilt — just sayin’) has been marked down 38% to $39.99, another great price for almost 5 yards of fabric. Click here to see the Cookie Swap Party backing fabric.

That’s just one of the quick, seasonal projects from Quilt and Sew Shop currently marked down to help you make the most of your holiday spirit. Click here to see all current clearance items, and be sure to use discount code TINSEL through December 2, 2016, to receive 20% off quilting tools and notions.

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Quilt as Desired? Oh Dear!

I’m the person who made this quilt. So I get have to decide how to quilt it. “Quilt as desired.” Sometimes that phrase makes me a little nervous.

11 28 16supersheep Quilt as Desired? Oh Dear!

It’s Supersheep

I had a wonderful four days off for Thanksgiving. I had a huge chunk of time to spend at the sewing machine. I completed the top and the pieced back for a scrappy throw-size quilt, then I worked on this cute little baby quilt.

It’s Supersheep is a web bonus for the January/February 2017 issue of McCall’s Quilting. I love it. It’s just one big block enlarged from my Gone to Pieces quilt, which is patterned in that same issue of McCall’s Quilting. The issue is available now at your local quilt shop and on newsstands or at in hard copy or digital format.

I used fabric from Moda’s Darling Little Dickens collection to make my baby quilt. I had a single length of fabric for the back of the quilt, but at a recent fabric grab I got a bundle of fat eighths of the same collection. So I cut two 9” squares from 18 of the fat eighths and sewed them together in rows.

11 28 supersheepback Quilt as Desired? Oh Dear!

The Back of It’s Supersheep

As you can see, I got as far as layering, pin basting and the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. Now I have to decide what to do for the rest of the quilting. Quilt as desired? I don’t have a clue what I desire.

I quilt my small quilts myself. The bed-size quilts, I send out to be quilted. It’s Supersheep, I’m planning to quilt myself.

Sometimes, as I’m making a quilt, I have an idea and I know by the time the quilt sandwich is assembled how I’m going to quilt it but that’s not always the case. Supersheep is one of those that I didn’t know what I was going to quilt as I pieced it.

There is a funny story about Supersheep. I named it because of the cute fabric you see here.

11 28 16supersheepdetail Quilt as Desired? Oh Dear!

The Sheep Fabric

I love those funny round sheep. That fabric was a possibility for the background fabric but when I auditioned it, the quilt looked “mushy”. There wasn’t enough contrast. The sheep fabric was too busy for a background.

I’d actually been afraid that would be the case so I had ordered plenty of the polka dot fabric as a second possibility for the background and that’s what I used.

I’d already named the quilt It’s Supersheep and handed the pattern off before I actually made it. I forgot that was what I named it. I literally didn’t think about it again until the magazine was already printed and the pattern was online. So here is a quilt named It’s Supersheep and there are NO sheep on the front of the quilt.

I brought my quilt to work today and asked my friends Tricia Patterson and Paula Stoddard for advice about the quilting. Because of the bears and bees and honey on some of the fabrics, Paula suggested loops and bees. I loved that idea. Paula drew one little bee to get me started.

11 28 16bee Quilt as Desired? Oh Dear!

Paula’s Bee

Then when I told the story about the quilt name and the absence of sheep, Tricia suggested that I quilt sheep in the five big background squares. What a fun plan! I can hardly wait to go home and start stitching.

Hint: Because I’ve never tried to quilt bees combined with loops, I’ll practice a while before I start stitching. I’ll doodle with just plain paper and a pencil. I find that makes it much easier to quilt something. If I know how to draw it, I can quilt it. I won’t spend a long time doodling – maybe 15-20 minutes — but that much time spent doodling makes a big difference.

I have to tell you one last thing about the Darling Little Dickens fabrics. Look at the selvedges. The registration marks are these cute little rabbits. Isn’t that a fun addition?

11 28 16supersheepselvedge Quilt as Desired? Oh Dear!

The Selvedges

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To Do, to Do, What to Do????

This week, I finished a project for an upcoming issue of Quiltmaker. I’ll show you that quilt closer to the time when that pattern will be published.

But as I was sewing, I was thinking of all the projects I have waiting in the wings.

I’m waiting for fabric for this pretty Christmas project.

11 21 17 MQB To Do, to Do, What to Do????

Christmas Wall Hanging

I’m also waiting for fabric for this color option.

11 21 17X Marks the spot color option To Do, to Do, What to Do????

Christmas Table Topper


Color options are frequently small projects. Sometimes they are just one block, sometimes three blocks for a table runner or nine blocks for a baby quilt.

(Hint) When you are looking at a quilt pattern you’d like to try, especially if it is something complex that you’re not sure you’ll really love making, consider doing just three blocks for a table runner.

Sometimes, though, a color option has to be much larger, you just can’t see the difference changing colors makes with one block or even three. And step-outs for lessons require multiples of the project. One at each step of the process we are trying to teach. I see on the shelves in my office pieces and parts of three projects that will yield throw-size or larger quilts.


Is it any wonder that I have three boxes of PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) at home?



QM1702 SPINSTER 400 To Do, to Do, What to Do????

Spinster by Diane Harris


But then at work, I get to see all the wonderful quilts that come into the office. When Diane Harris sent her idea for this quilt, which she calls Spinster, I immediately fell in love. We requested the quilt and I could hardly wait for it to arrive. When it got here, I was thrilled with it. It’s scrappy but at the same time, it has a very definite color scheme going on. Isn’t it beautiful? I think there a Spinster in my future.

Spinster is patterned in the January/February 2017 issue of Quiltmaker available at your local quilt shop, on newsstands and at in hard copy or digital format. The pattern is also available as a stand-alone digital download.

Before I came to work here, I could just avoid the quilt store and focus for a few months and I’d get control of all the half-done projects. Now, I’m creating more all the time but I’m also seeing new things that I want to do.

How can I work on one of my PIGS when Spinster is calling my name? I find myself wishing for a big snowstorm so I can be snowed in for a couple of days and just sew to my heart’s content. But I have several things on my desk that I must get done before I can even think about that.

I do also want to tell you that is having Black Friday specials already. There are different items every day. Check them out.

But for now, remember to visit Quilters Newsletter on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and our website. Be sure to check for Web Seminars on, and classes, courses and workshops on Craft and

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Scrap Bag: Husbands’ Lounge controversy, “Back the Blue” quilts, stash sold for charity, and more

Welcome to this week’s round-up of news and tidbits from around the quilt world!

IMG 3125 Scrap Bag: Husbands Lounge controversy, Back the Blue quilts, stash sold for charity, and more

If you’ve been to Quilt Festival in Houston, you may be familiar with the Husbands’ Lounge, a curtained area of the show floor that has recliners and a TV for the presumed benefit of men who may have accompanied (or even driven) their wives to Festival but aren’t there for the quilts themselves. Blogger Abby Glassenberg recently dug into the intent behind the creation of the lounge as well as issues surrounding designating it for husbands and the potential for exclusion such a choice might create for men and women alike.


Inspired by the heart quilts people were making for survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Modern Quilt Guilds in the Dallas/Fort Worth area spearheaded a similar project after five Dallas police officers were killed in the line of duty during a Black Lives Matter march in July. “One post on Instagram the day after the tragedy with the hashtag #Quiltsforpeace led to more than 100 quilts sewn for families of the Dallas shooting.” Instead of making the blocks in rainbow colors, Quilts for Peace blocks were made in blue on white backgrounds.


What are your plans for your stash after you die? A sale of fabric belonging to Gillian Clarke, the late wife of British Member of Parliament Ken Clarke, has raised £13,000 for charity. Gillian Clarke was an award-winning quilter with not just cotton in her stash but a variety of traditional textiles she purchased while traveling to countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Mexico.

“We all feel that Gillian would be pleased that the stash wasn’t wasted but has been ‘given wings’ and is now being made into quilts, garments and other projects all over the East Midlands and further afield as well as giving a major financial boost to the Maggie’s Centre in Nottingham, helping them to support more people who have been affected by cancer,” said friend Linda Maltman.


The Heart & Hands Night Quilters in Danville, Illinois, holds the distinction of being a group with a significant mix of deaf and hearing members. Hearing group member Janice Elwell and Karen Powell, who is deaf, became friends through their church about 40 years ago, and eventually Janice started teaching Karen how to quilt. Karen, in turn, started teaching her circle of friends. Now there is a group of nine deaf quilters who meet to work together on Mondays and then bring their quilts to share at the larger group’s monthly meetings despite the language barrier. They recently completed 12 quilts that they donated to a local women’s shelter.


Large and even over-sized floral fabrics have been available to quilters for years (although we seem to be seeing fewer of them recently), but they are becoming an interior design trend according to Apartment Therapy, which refers to them as “scary florals.”


Interweave, the knitting/crochet/beading/needlework publisher and content company, just launched its new website. Why does this matter to you? Because Interweave is one of our sister companies in the F+W family, and the quilting community will be getting a similar new website in early 2017. I don’t mind admitting to you that the websites for Quilters Newsletter and our sister titles McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker and others have been due for an upgrade for a while. Now that the new Interweave site has launched and looks as great as it does, we have a working example of what’s to come for the quilting titles, and I for one am really looking forward to it. In addition to offering one place for magazine-related content and associated products and videos, it will be home to QN-style content on the Articles/Blogs pages. We’ll have more specifics after the new year — until then keep checking back with us here on the Inside Quilters Newsletter blog!

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Gone to Pieces

I’ve made several quilts this year that I am really proud of. Gone to Pieces is one of them.

11 14gonetopieces style Gone to Pieces

Gone to Pieces

I designed the quilt but I had no intention of actually making the quilt.

But when my design was selected to be in an issue of McCall’s Quilting, I decided to make the quilt myself. I used several beautiful batiks from Robert Kaufman Fabrics: Artisan Batik Elementals, Tiger Fish by McKenna Ryan and Marks by Valerie Wells.

Electric Quilt 7 (EQ) tells me there are 2,821 pieces in this queen-size quilt. Everyone at the office was teasing me about all the pieces it would take to make the quilt. They said that while I was putting the pieces of the quilt together, I would be slowly falling apart. That’s where the name Gone to Pieces came from.

Gone To Pieces finishes at 85” square. It is one of the quilts in the January/February 2017 issue of McCall’s Quilting, which is available now at your local quilt shop, on newsstands or at The pattern is also available as a digital download.

But I started wondering – what if I wanted to make something a little less labor intensive? What are the possibilities? So I got into EQ to see a few of the possibilities.

If I remove one row of blocks, I’ll wind up with a 64” throw that has 1,733 pieces. That’s still a whole bunch of pieces but it’s really pretty.

11 14throw 1 Gone to Pieces

Throw size

Then I reversed the blocks. I’m not sure which one I like best.

11 14throw Gone to Pieces

Throw with Blocks Reversed

I tried taking away one more row of blocks and I have a wall hanging measuring 43” square with 921 pieces. That seems like a whole lot of pieces for something that small.

11 14wall hanging Gone to Pieces

Wall Hanging

I thought about a pillow. It could be made out of either block. These are for 15″ pillows.

11 14Pillow 1 Gone to Pieces

Pillow #1


11 14Pillow 2 Gone to Pieces

Pillow #2

But then I thought about enlarging one of the blocks, changing the fabric and maybe adding a border to make a baby quilt. It measures 45” square. Hmmm … I may be onto something here. Stay tuned.

11 14Baby quilt Gone to Pieces

A Baby Quilt Idea

But for now, remember to visit Quilters Newsletter on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and our website. Be sure to check for Web Seminars on, and classes, courses and workshops on Craft and

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Scrap Bag: stolen quilt trailer update, Quilts of Valor busy week, and more

Welcome to this week’s installment of quilt news tidbits, which will hopefully offer some respite from the busy week of political news we’ve had as well as offer some inspiration for your quilting mojo!

IMG 3112 Scrap Bag: stolen quilt trailer update, Quilts of Valor busy week, and more

Last week I wrote about a trailer full of quilts and products that Jamie Wallen of Quilters Apothecary had brought to Houston for Quilt Festival that was stolen from his hotel parking lot. The story continues to develop; below are two updates that Jamie has posted on his personal Facebook timeline over the past week.

[Nov. 5]
Update… Yesterday the Harris County Sheriffs Department contacted us to let us know they had found some of the quilts. Rich and Lynn went down to there office while I was teaching class and picked up what they got. Unfortunately it was only a small fraction of the quilts lost. 1 of the 6 customer quilts were found along with my class samples, a thread painting, the giraffe quilt and a few others.
Most are still missing. The Sheriff has arrested the man charged with this theft and we hope in plea bargaining he will give the remainder up. We will load up the remainder of our possessions and assess our losses when we get back to home base. From the bottom of our Hearts… Thank You Thank You to our quilting community for all of your love and support. We would have not made it without you. Please take care of each, know your loved…. and we will see you down the road……We Promise!!!


 [Nov. 10]

Bad News:
No new word on Stolen Product nor the Majority(40 plus) of the Missing Quilts.

A Good Samaritan found a Garbage Bag with what she thought was Clothing in it but actually Turned out to be 5 of the over 50 quilts. She recognized a few from the TV News and contacted us. We’d already returned home But Fellow Vendors and Friends Offered to go retrieve them.

Thank you so much JoAnn Gemmill from Jo’s Quilting Studio and Machine Dealership for Acting so Quickly for us to recover the pieces found which included the “Tree of Life” as well as One of The “Fire Island Hosta” Quilts. the “Little Girl” and “Boy with Frog” were also in the bag.

God Willing More bags will be found with more quilts!!!!!!

Jamie and Rich


After a fire gutted part of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in September, a quilting group that had been using the church as a home base for making charity quilts learned they lost 14 completed quilts and all of their supplies — machines, fabric, batting, all of it. The community has rallied to help them, with nearby Grace Lutheran Church clearing space for them to meet and other churches and organizations pitching in with donations so the group can continue making the quilts they donate to local homeless shelters.


The TV program “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation” hosted by Mo Rocca included a segment about quilter Susana Allen Hunter in a recent episode. Hunter was the wife of a tenant farmer in Alabama who hand pieced and hand quilted more than 100 quilts from the 1930s to the 1970s; her improvisational quilts are in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum.

Curator of Domestic Life Jeannie Miller says of the collection, “Susana Hunter teaches us to use whatever we have, whatever life gives us and create something beautiful out of it.”

You can watch the entire episode for free or click forward to the fourth segment starting at about the 14:20 mark.


The Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Perth recently was the site of an unusual “airing of the quilts” while in Muscat, Oman, for an operational deployment port visit. Quilts that were custom-made for service members by supporters of Aussie Hero Quilts were draped along the deck and missile launchers in a show of appreciation for the support offered from back home. The HMAS Perth was due to return to Australia on November 11 after a 22-week deployment.


I don’t include news tidbits about Quilts of Valor in my Scrap Bag posts because the organization is so busy and so active that it’s just not news to read about a veteran receiving a homemade quilt in a special ceremony — it happens every day. However, today being Veterans Day here in the U.S. and Armistice Day elsewhere, it’s as good a time as any to honor the work done by QOV volunteers during their busiest time of the year. Here are some links to just a few of the many stories about recent QOV recipients.

Spokane veteran surprised with Quilt of Valor

Quilts to be presented to Kentucky veterans

Simi Valley WWII vet receives Quilt of Valor

18 veterans honored in Tennessee

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Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, is such a special time. I go to Quilt Market which immediately precedes Quilt Festival. All of the exhibits are in place so I get to see all the spectacular quilts but I don’t know which quilts are prize winners until after I get home.

Quilt Market and Festival are held at the George R. Brown Convention Center so there is plenty of room. And that’s a good thing. This year there were over 40 different exhibits. One of the exhibits was a celebration of the Dear Jane quilts.

Here are four of the quilts from that exhibit.

Jane1 Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Share Jane, coordinated by Kim Caskey and Jeltje van Essen and quilted by Kim Caskey of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


jane2 Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Baby Jane Blue by Elizabeth Rothe of San Martin, California, and quilted by Valerie Langue


jane 3 Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Rainbow Jane by Charlotte Hay of Missoula, Montana


Jane 4 Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Black, White and Bright All Over Jane by Dena Brannen of Reston, Virginia

Then I photographed a handful of quilts from other exhibits.

Old Denim Square had actual parts of jeans like pockets, snaps and zippers incorporated in the quilt.

11 4jeans quilt Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Old Denim Square by Noriko Nozawa of Chiba City, Chiba, Japan

The colors in African Village were so bright and so vivid.

african Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

African Village by Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga of Kolllumerzwaag, Friesland, The Netherlands

Tickled Pink was wonderful. I just stared and stared.

rhino Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Tickled Pink by Susan Carlson of Harpswell, Maine

And check out Sunshine. The little squares looked to be about 1” x 1”. It has 80,402 pieces.

tinyblocks Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Sunshine by Judy Wolff, of Lincoln, Texas, and quilted by Linda Maass Schonhoeft

Erin also has tiny pieces but they are irregular shapes that create a mosaic-type of portrait quilt.

face Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Erin by Heidi Proffetty of Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Insanity was based on an antique quilt from the early 1800s. There are 130 2-inch LeMoyne stars.

Insanity Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Insanity by Kristin Vierra of Lincoln, Nebraska

Suwon Hwasung (Suwon Castle) reminded me of a pencil or ink drawing. It is hand dyed and machine quilted.

Suwon Castle Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Suwon Hwasung by Mikyung Jang of Seodaemoon-Gu, Seoul, South Korea

And Nancy’s Closet is one of my favorites. Senior designer in our office Kathryn Wright created it. It’s a beautiful quilt made with flying geese units that Kath received in an office block exchange. If you’d like to make a quilt like this one, the pattern is available in the July/August 2016 issue of Quiltmaker or as a digital download.

nancywright 454x451 Photos of Quilts from International Quilt Festival 2016

Nancy’s Closet by Kathryn Wright of Littleton, Colorado

I always come home from Houston inspired and just aching to get to my sewing room.

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Scrap Bag: quilter’s van stolen in Houston, Quilt Market/Festival round-up and more

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to logging some serious time at my sewing machine this weekend. Christmas is coming and I have projects to finish! I think I’ve been inspired by Quilt Market and Festival — even though I didn’t attend in person this year, seeing photos and videos from colleagues over the past week has invigorated me. With that in mind, today’s Scrap Bag is mostly concerned with the goings-on in Houston. And be sure to check back on Monday; rumor has it that Lori will be blogging about her experiences at Market last weekend.

IMG 3097 Scrap Bag: quilters van stolen in Houston, Quilt Market/Festival round up and more

This week’s top story from the quilting world has been and continues to be a roller coaster. On Tuesday morning, longarmer, teacher and owner of Quilters Apothecary Jamie Wallen reported that his trailer full of quilts (both his own as well as customers’ quilts), tools and rulers had been stolen from the parking lot of the Houston hotel he was staying in to prepare for International Quilt Festival. He posted a video describing what had happened on his personal Facebook timeline and the story got picked up by local news outlets. On Thursday morning, it was reported that the trailer and the quilts had been recovered. Later in the day, though, Jamie clarified that while the trailer had been found, all of the quilts were gone and most of what remained had been damaged or destroyed. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Jamie and his partner Rich.


Speaking of Quilt Festival, it’s happening right now! As the largest annual convention in Houston it always makes the local news there. TV station KHOU has covered Festival a few times, including a live report and interview with best of show winner Cynthia England, as well as a segment on morning show “Great Day Houston” featuring Rhianna Griffin of Quilts, Inc.


Don’t forget to check out all of the winning quilts in the “Quilts: A World of Beauty” judged show on the International Quilt Association’s website. Stunning work as always!


DPQMP160804 2 Scrap Bag: quilters van stolen in Houston, Quilt Market/Festival round up and more

Nancy’s Closet by Kathryn Wright

The judged competition at Festival gets most of the attention, but the World of Beauty exhibit is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amazing quilts on display in Houston right now. This year’s amazing special exhibits include “Fly Me to the Moon,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions; “Hands All Around” sponsored by Quilters Newsletter; “Christmas Quilts, Christmas Memories,” a collection of red and green quilts from the 19th century; “Comfort and Glory: Selections from the Briscoe Center’s Winedale Quilt Collection;” Western-themed leather quilts by Cathy Vandiford Wiggins, who was profiled in QN‘s August/September 2016 issue; Japanese quilts, modern quilts, French quilts and so much more. Click the link below to see a slideshow sample of different quilts as well as photos from Tuesday’s awards ceremony.

Around these parts we’re pretty proud of our senior designer Kathryn Wright, whose Nancy’s Closet was accepted into the “In the American Tradition: Pieced” special exhibit. Quiltmaker readers may recognize it as a pattern in the July/August 2016 issue; it’s also available separately as a digital download. Having seen this quilt in person on a couple of occasions, I can tell you that it’s a truly spectacular scrap quilt and deserving of inclusion in the exhibit.


In the aftermath of Quilt Market, the industry-only trade show that precedes Festival, Bonnie Hunter reflected on the things that meant the most to her during her whirlwind trip to Houston.


Turning our attention to one of the other highlights of the quilting calendar, Road to California Showcase founder Carolyn Reese has announced her retirement at the age of 80. Even though she’s turning the reins over to her grandson Matt, who’s been working with her for years, she doesn’t seem to want to slow down much and is going to get back into teaching quilting classes.

What other classes will Carolyn be teaching in the future? “Who knows?” says Carolyn. “What ever strikes my fancy!!”


Friend of QN Tim Latimer, who was the subject of Meetin’ Place in our December/January 2014 issue, recently returned to blogging on a more regular basis after taking a break from social media. Known mostly for his award-winning hand quilting, lately Tim has been finishing some projects by machine quilting them on an old treadle machine with no less exquisite results.

But I started to get comments like “I prefer hand quilting,”  ”I wish you would hand quilt more,”  ”don’t you ever hand quilt anymore,”  ”hand quilting is so much prettier,”  “I like your hand quilting so much better” ……….

and I was feeling guilty for machine quilting and felt like I was letting people down…this was a real conflict.

Visit Tim’s blog if only to view a video of him quilting with his treadle machine up close.


14059 630 Scrap Bag: quilters van stolen in Houston, Quilt Market/Festival round up and more

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