Want to design for QN?

Quilters Newsletter is looking for innovative designers who are interested in working with us to provide original patterns that challenge the intermediate to advanced quiltmaker. We are interested in quilts and quilted projects of all techniques and sizes—from the king-sized show-stopper to the fun make-it-in-a-weekend table runner. Send photos of your original projects now to submissions@qnm.com and write “Designer” in the subject line. We can’t wait to see what you send us!

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3 Responses to Want to design for QN?

  1. Aida Strasser says:

    What types of design do you need? For w hich issues?
    Wha t projects do the readers prefer?
    Thank you,
    Aida Strasser

  2. Joellyn Cotton says:

    I have been working on a fast way to finish a quilt. It is quilting in the ditch as you add rows together. Interested in more? Please write. Jody

  3. Jennifer Chambers says:

    Good Morning, I am desperate to get hold of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazines for Dec.1999 and Jan & Feb.2000 to start on Flavin Glover’s “Keep the Home Fires Burning” quilt – I have the last 3 issues needed to complete the quilt. I have phoned your magazine to see if you have the back copies but to no avail. Would it be possioble for you to put me in touch with Ms.Glover to see if she could give me a photostat copy of her quilt. I would be so appreciative if this is possible. Thank you in anticipation of ANY help that you could give me. Jennifer Chambers.

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