Double Windmill

I’ve had two nice letters now from readers who wanted to know how to draft and construct the block pictured on page 44 of the June/July 2010 issue. The block is called “Double Windmill” and can be found in the EQ6 block library. I’m attaching a PDF of the EQ6 printouts (templates, rotary, block diagram) so that you can make a 12″ version of this block. Download the Double Windmill block pattern. (Can you tell I photocopied the page out of the magazine, then cut it up and glued it to the first page to show how it goes together? We’re all about the high-tech around here.) Just remember to set the page scaling to “none” before printing the PDF.

Speaking of how it goes together, those funky five-triangle units are constructed first, and then are stitched around that itty-bitty little center patch. The first unit goes on with a partial seam. Then the next unit CLOCKWISE to that one goes on. Then the next unit clockwise, then the last. Then you go back and finish that partial seam so that the first unit is now completely stitched to both the center patch and the fourth unit. Voila! The circle is complete. Last, stitch on those corner trianges, and you’ve got yourself a 12″ Double Windmill block.

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3 Responses to Double Windmill

  1. Peggy Ingram says:

    I am one of the two letter writers about this block. What a surprise it
    was to open my October/November issue that arrived in the mail today
    and find my letter to you along with the above answer! Thank you.
    I supect that now I will definitely have to see if I can piece it!
    Peggy Ingram
    Fort Collins, Colorado

  2. wendy norgaard says:

    I, too loved the Double Windmill Block at first sight.
    Now it remains to piece it. I promise a photo of the finished block.

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