In memory of Bonnie Leman

Bonnie Leman 1991 LCPQ 74 221x300 In memory of Bonnie Leman

Bonnie Leman, 1991

It’s with heavy hearts we report the passing of Quilters Newsletter and Quiltmaker founder Bonnie Leman. More to come as we celebrate Mrs. Leman’s life and legacy, and honor the profound impact she made on the quilting world and all who knew her. We extend our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to Bonnie’s family and friends.

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9 Responses to In memory of Bonnie Leman

  1. Nancy Mattson says:

    Bonnie Leman was an inspiration to the quilting world, and she will be sorely missed. My condolences to her family.

  2. Karen Pennington says:

    I will miss her. I remember little of our first meeting except that I was in awe of her.
    She did so much for quilting particularly here in the Denver area. Ms Leman was a pioneer for this generation of quilters. I think of her work as I review early issues of Quilter’s Newsletter as the modern author of the Kansas City Star right here in Denver. For me quilting would not have been a part of my life had it not been for Bonnie.
    Early on in my quilting time, I lived in a place where classes beyond the basics did not exist. It was through QNM that I learned where quilting could take me. It has allowed me a great outlet for creativity and helped me find the best of friends.
    Bonnie Leman thank you for the influence you have had on my life. God bless you and your family, for I know their loss is great.

  3. Kathy Loder says:

    To the entire Leman family, my heartfelt condolences. Please find some comfort in knowing that Bonnie lives on in the work of millions of quilters around the world who have been influenced by QNM. My life is so much richer because of her. QNM was my first teacher and source of inspiration. Thank you, Bonnie! You are missed.

  4. Nancy Mattson says:

    Bonnie Leman was an inspiration to all fiber artists. My condolences to her family and my thanks for sharing her with us for all those years.

  5. Jacky Percival says:

    Bonnie Leman was the best thing ever to happen to quilting, and my sincere condolences go to her family. QNM has been my favourite quilting magazine since the early 1980s and I’ve learned everything I know about patchwork, quilting and applique from it. Rest in light, Bonnie.

  6. Linda Walden says:

    So sorry to hear the bad news. My heart goes out to her family. We in the quilting world will truly miss her.

  7. Donna Faye says:

    Oh, no! I just found out! I have tears in my eyes, she has meant so much to me for decades. I had never met her but QNM influenced me more than any other source for quilting information and inspiration – except for my first quilting teacher Mrs. Ethridge in 1956. I am at a loss for words, I hope and trust that the family will continue her life’s work. There are several other fine periodicals but QNM stands alone as the richest source of info and superb photos. This is testified to by my personal collection of over 1,000 issues reaching back to the 70′s. RIP dear lady, the work of your hands speaks louder than words. Donna Faye

  8. Carolyn Klasmier says:

    I was sorry to hear of Bonnies passing. My condolances to the family. She was the one who kept me going in quilting, I have enjoyed each issue and made many quilts from the magazine. I hope the magazine will continue as well as it has been.

  9. S Driver says:

    May comfort and peace find your family, Bonnie. She is the one my mom began quilting with in her shop west of Denver, she and her friends would look forward to their weekly time and learning from such a masterful teacher, she made them feel so at home. I was able to go several times and watch the mystery and mastery of the skills. I now have that first sample quilt my mom made with Bonnie, my mom has passed on too but her love and time spent quilting because of Bonnie’s inspiration lives on with all of us. We have so many of the quilts she handcrafted, the last one for her youngest grand daughter the year that she died. So we are all so bless because of her devotion to the treasured gift of quilting, thank you Bonnie. God rest your soul and bring joy to the memories you leave with so many.

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