Finish What You Started…

OK, I admit it, I am a great starter, not a great finisher. Never has this been more apparent than when I started counting my UFO’s last weekend. I did not count projects to learn or practice a technique,  I only counted legitimate projects, –the seven baby quilts, my brother’s Log Cabin, my niece’s Double Nine-Patch, the Christmas table topper, a Broken Star, a Square in a Square for my husband, my version of Delta Dawn, the Quilters Newsletter 2010 Mystery Quilt, etc, etc, etc. I stopped counting at 26. TWENTY SIX?! Seriously? I’m even a little embarrassed. Notice I didn’t say I finished counting, I just stopped. How did it come to this point? Did I mention I’m a great starter? My only comfort is I’m not the only one.

According to The National Survey of Quilting in America 2010, recently published by Quilters Newsletter and Quilts, Inc, 90 percent of quilters make quilts to give as gifts to special friends and family. However, only 53 percent claimed they finished “most or nearly all” of those projects they started!  Only 1 percent admitted they hadn’t finished any. And of the UFO’s, 47 percent of quilters said they lost interest, or enjoyed making the top more than the quilting/finishing. I’m starting to feel a little better. I know I’m guilty of being seduced by new fabric, especially working here at QN. The new collections that come in monthly spark so many ideas I’m surprised when I get anything finished. And wait until you see the new six part mystery quilt, debuting in QN’s Dec/Jan 2011 (on newsstands October 27th). I immediately starting collecting fabrics. Dreaming, scheming…there I was, surrounded by piles of fabric in our sewing studio when in walked my Editor in Chief.

“What’cha doing?”, she asked.

“I’m pulling fabrics for the new 2011 mystery quilt– I’m so excited!”

— SILENCE…—  “How’s your version of Delta Dawn coming along…?”

(my best Deer-in-the-Headlights look–ACK!  Busted!)  “Oh, it’s coming along nicely, ” I replied.

“Oh good, I’m looking forward to seeing it,” she smiled.

That little smile that says, “That’s right, sister, no new project until you get Delta Dawn done!”

She’s on to me. And she’s right, I need to finish what I started… if only so I can get out of that one percent bracket and start something new.

About Joli Hines Sayasane

I am an editor at Quilters Newsletter. I make both traditional and art quilts. When not making quilts, or writing about them, I enjoy spending time with my husband and playing with my dogs.
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4 Responses to Finish What You Started…

  1. Beth M says:

    I’m right there with ya sista!!! lol

  2. Aw c’mon, Joli. Twenty six UFOs is *nothing*! I easily have 60+! But if you’re seriously not going to do the new mystery quilt I’ll be happy to snag those Asian fabrics you were looking at! ;)

  3. Denise Shroth says:

    My moto is “Sew many fabrics, Sew little time!” LOL

  4. Sheryl Levandowski says:

    I need assistance. I have a 4×6 blocked hand pieced unique biblical sampler quilt started 25 years ago, with the NORTHVILLE QUILTING CLUB, still unfinished. I would like a hand-quilter to finish the project for me, if possible. Of course payment for services is included. Quilt size is 90″x120″. Anyone interested in the job/joy, please contact me: at sherrypittsbryan (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Help would be much appreciated.

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