Scrap Bag: Podcasts, fabric resources, & a tease

In Which I Piece Together a Random Assortment of Items
Into One Blog Post

First off, I am interested in getting recommendations for good quilting and sewing podcasts. I’ve sampled a couple that I’ve found on iTunes, but I’d love to hear from other quilters about podcasts they especially enjoy.  Now that I think about it, I’m interesting in hearing about favorite non-quilting podcasts, too, especially those dealing with the arts and culture. For instance, I’m a big fan of The Dinner Party Download and Studio 360—check them out if you haven’t already.

nachoquilt preview Scrap Bag: Podcasts, fabric resources, & a tease
Under the heading It’s a Tough Job But Someone’s Gotta Do It, I have the oh-so-dreary task here at QN of receiving, displaying, and sorting the fabric samples we receive from manufacturers. Even though the boxes are only addressed to me—I don’t get to keep the contents—I do get a little “it’s my birthday!” thrill when new shipments arrive. (Kelly just recommended that I start posting pictures on Facebook of “the new pretty” as we receive it to share previews with our readers.) This part of my job description has revived my fabric lust from its long slumber, and I find myself looking online at other resources, too. I know I’m probably late to the Spoonflower party, which allows people to upload and sell their original designs and has been in existence for a couple of years already, but let me just say that I love Spoonflower. Love. I’ve got my eye on a few designs that I’m saving my pennies for. Don’t visit their website if you have somewhere you need to be within the next hour or so.

Other resources I’ve looked at but haven’t made real use of yet are and, search engines for online shops that have opted in. Sounds like a great idea for when you need to hunt down additional yardage of that gorgeous fabric you’ve finally decided to use after having been afraid to cut into it for months (or years?). My search for a particular Red Rooster kids fabric that I’ve had in my stash since 2004 came up empty on FindMyFabric whereas FabricShop directed me to Fabric Paradise (which is probably where I bought it in the first place). But either site could be a real project-saver if you’re looking for a fabric that was released a couple of years ago. Give them a spin and tell us what you think.

And lastly, a couple of the other editors and I are getting excited about some blog content we’ve been preparing to coincide with the Dec/Jan 2011 issue. I would tell you more, but it’s a mystery… icon wink Scrap Bag: Podcasts, fabric resources, & a tease   Just keep an eye on the blog!

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