Quilt stolen at Festival

Have you seen me?

 Quilt stolen at Festival

Compass Quilt - John Sauls Antiques

We received word late last week that this antique compass quilt was stolen from John Sauls’s booth at International Quilt Festival.  Please keep an eye out for it and spread the word.  And let John Sauls know if you have any information on its whereabouts:  johnsauls [at] tyler [dot] net.

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Mary Kate is an associate editor at Quilters Newsletter. If you ask her what type of quilter she considers herself, she'll answer, "Slow." Favorite techniques include hand quilting, both traditional and big stitch, but she also loves her walking foot and keeps meaning to get better acquainted with her open-toe embroidery foot.
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38 Responses to Quilt stolen at Festival

  1. Amy says:

    WHY would someone do that? That is just disgusting. I hope the thieves are caught and the quilt returned.

  2. Anita says:

    I just cannot imagine what it takes to do something like that. I hope they are found and the quilt is returned to its rightful owner. Will repost.

  3. Hope the person returns the quilt to the owner – what a sad story this is…

  4. John Sauls says:

    Mary Kate……..thanks so much for posting my stolen quilt. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to all of the friends and fellow quilt enthusiasts who have emailed me. It is a great feeling to know that there are many watchful eyes out there. best regards, John Sauls, Tyler, Texas

  5. I don’t understand what someone feels that they gain by stealing. I hope that the quilt is returned unharmed.

  6. Laura Wilson says:

    What has happened to our country? We have resorted to stealing quilts now! I will continue to believe we need to return to the basics in our schools and again teach morals, respect, and principles. It can’t do anything but help. I am a collector of antique quilts – I would be deeply upset to have one of mine stolen. I am saddened by this news and my apologies to John Sauls from Tyler, Texas for the thief who felt he/she needed it more than you sir. I do hope you are able to relocate it.

  7. Margaret Chair says:

    That is a total shame! I cannot even imagine that someone would be so low as to steal a quilt – especially one of historic value, such as this! This is very sad and I really do hope that it will be recovered and the thief punished!!

  8. loretta says:

    that is horrible!!!!

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  10. Aria says:

    I have posted this to my FaceBook profile for all to see. It’s such a shame that people have to do this. They could have had someone make one for them rather then to steal one that has so many memories for the rightful owner.

  11. Jenni Boynton says:

    This is just awful. Obviously someone has no heart as well understand the emotional attachment people have to their quilts. Let’s hope this will be a one time episode. More than anything I hope they find it.

  12. kaholly says:

    I’ve always considered quilters to be an extraordinary worldwide community and I can’t imagine a quilter stooping so low. I hope it is found.

  13. Sandi says:

    I’ve spread the word to area Quilt Shops and Guilds in San Diego, CA. Very sad–where’s the Festival’s Security?

  14. Jade says:

    One of our board members at Quiltingboard.com has posted this to get the word out!

  15. Reena says:

    I also have posted it on my Facebook and will send it out on our Quilters Nooz to local San Diego quilters… I can’t believe someone would do this at a quilt show…

  16. Elaine says:

    I’ll keep my eye out here in Canton at the flea market, so sad to hear of this.

  17. Piroska says:

    How despicable!
    There is such a lack of respect nowadays, it’s sad…

  18. Carol says:

    Security is very present at both Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. Unfortunately, not every exhibitor has a security person standing at their booth. That would probably involve hiring 2000 security guards. I doubt that any vendor could absorb the cost of that. I can assure you that there IS security at the Houston show.

  19. Alicia says:

    I know at hospitals now, they have baby lo-jack…maybe its time for Quilted Lo-Jack!

  20. Thank you for letting us know about the theft of this beautiful quilt. We have just posted the image on our sidebar, along with the link you provided. This is heartbreaking, and a sad state of affairs. Perhaps it is time to think about using magnetic merchandise tags, as the bookstores and department stores do, so that an alarm would go off when a thief exits the show? Again, what a sorry state of affairs. Our condolences to John Sauls; and best wishes for the safe return of this beautiful quilt.

  21. Kim In Michigan says:

    John, i have posted it on my facebook page, i just don’t understand why someone would do this…:(

  22. Sue Reich says:

    When the WWII quilts went missing this summer, they were found within 12 hours after the news hit the internet! Good luck.

  23. Barbara Massey says:

    Stealing in any form is pathetic but do not blame the Security people. If one wants something bad enough nothing will keep them from stealing it. My dad used to say that locks are to keep the honest people honest but not the thieves. The most elaborate security systems in the world have fallen prey to such people.

  24. Nita says:

    Hi John, I am so sorry to hear that someone stole your quilt. Don’t know what this world is coming to, but will for sure keep a eye out at the flea markets around here and yard sales as well. I hope that you will get your quilt back in the same condition that it was when it was stolen. I am so sorry for you. Let us know if you find it ok. If I see it I will try to get it back for you. Hope you will have a great day.

  25. AnnaK says:

    Hard to imagine that a quilter who knows the love, sweat and tears that go into making one of these would have taken it. How can anyone enjoy having this when every time they see it they will think of themselves as a thief? I don’t understand some people.

  26. Kay Gibson says:

    This make me sick to my stomach. I am so sorry that someone felt the need to take an antique quilt! The good karma of the quilt has also been taken – I pray that the person who has the quilt will feel God’s justice for such a shameful act!

  27. Diana Feit says:

    I hope it turns out that the loss is an accident and two quilts were packed together in error. I hate to think someone would steal a quilt.

  28. Barbara says:

    very very sad … and will keep my eyes open

  29. Valerie Moss says:

    who would do such a thing…haven’t they every heard of Karma?

  30. Betty Webb says:

    I cannot believe someone would stoop that low to steal such an item. I hope it was in error also, but seems it would have been realized by now. I hope the best for the return of this beautiful quilt. It is so much work that goes into quilts, this person needs to learn how to quilt themselves, then they would know.

  31. scotty says:

    Everybody – post on Craigslist.com in every city we can. Somebody somewhere will see it.

  32. Mary Marcontell says:

    I would look into “chipping” all valuable or important quilts. Wonder what a GPS chip costs??

  33. SAWSAN says:

    I hope this sick thief will heel and go back to the right way and return what ever not right to have to the owner and feel shame face god with such thing
    I feel sorry for your lost

  34. That is scary, that some one could do such a terrible thing.
    In this day of electronics, hopefully it will be found soon. How very sad.

  35. Eunice says:

    I cannot believe what goes on in the world nowadays I really
    you get ot back. What a beautiful quilt.

  36. velia says:

    This is pathetic, no one can be trusted anywhere, anymore. Are we getting to the point where we have to include chips in our personal belongings? -(like the ones put in pets)

  37. Pam says:

    how can a person sleep under or have a stolen work of art in their home? Shame on them. I’m thinking some kind of GPS monitoring device need to be attached to all work! Is that too much? Maybe, but unsuspecting criminals will probably be caught stealing it or possessing it! That is a beautiful quilt and I hope it is returned soon.

  38. So sad to hear this. Even though karma will take care of thief, it’s sad to see such behavoir exists. Hope the quilt will find it’s way home.

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