Cutting borders for your Mystery Quilt

If you’ve been making our Mystery Quilt you should be moving on to part 2 by now. In part 2 you get to cut your borders and binding strips.

In the kit these are cut from the large purple floral (or Color 1, Fabric A). In my case, I’m cutting them from this gorgeous orange batik from Kaufman.

AMD 9379 191 Cutting borders for your Mystery Quilt

AMD-9379-191 Autumn

The borders are cut 5″ x 74″ and 5″ x 65 1/2″, and I was wondering how to easily cut such long pieces. Angie suggested tearing the fabric along the length of the yardage and then working with the smaller piece. It worked like a charm!

Since I’m currently living in a small apartment and don’t have a sewing room I’ve been working on the dining room table, which also holds my laptop and miscellaneous other bric-a-brac. I had washed my fabric, but it still had the selvages on it, so I had to allow a little room to cut those off. I made a tiny snip 12″ from the selvage and ripped. I ended up with a nice long, narrow piece of fabric that was easy to press.

To cut the border strips, I just folded the fabric until I had a piece about 30″ x 12″, then I cut off the selvage and cut my 5″ strips. There is a little bit of waste, but not too much. I cut two strips from this piece of fabric, then repeated the process to cut the other two.

I’d like to have a little bit of fudge room in case my quilt center is not exactly the size it should be, so for now I’m just setting the borders aside and I will cut them to length later

From the remaining fabric, I’ll tear another 12″ strip and then sliced it up in the same way into 2 1/4″ binding strips.

I hope this helps you cut your own borders and bindings!

And remember – we would love to see how you’re doing with your mystery quilt, so feel free to post photos to our Facebook page!

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5 Responses to Cutting borders for your Mystery Quilt

  1. Centella Tucker says:

    Thanks for the blogs on the mystery quilt. I live in a small, rural town in northern California and do not belong to a guild as the closest one meets at night 30 miles away. I made the mystery quilt last year and enjoyed it, but really felt blind and alone. With this blog I feel like I can see and hear how others are doing on the mystery quilt for this year. I like seeing the fabrics and blocks, and hearing about the process from the editors. Maybe next week I will send some photos of my blocks. Thanks again!

  2. Joli Hines Sayasane says:

    Hi Centella, Thanks for your comment on Kelly’s post. When we first talked about doing the 2011 Mystery quilt and blogging about it, I thought “Would anyone be interested in my process or thoughts?” But, I decided to go for it anyway and the responses have been nice. So, I hope we have inspired you to try the 2011 mystery as well! Also, please post a photo of Delta Dawn to our Facebook page in the photo gallery. We have had such a great response to Delta Dawn that we’re thinking of doing a special feature on our readers who completed their own versions. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to! All the best, Joli

  3. Hi Centella,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I’m really happy that our blogging about our Mystery Quilt adventures is helpful to someone.

    If you have any questions about it, you can always ask on our Facebook page, or in the comments here, and we’d be happy to help!


  4. Kelly Hagen says:

    After reading the blogs about the mystery quilt I have also started the first part. My goal is to only use from my stash. My background is a cream color, fabric 1 dark greens, fabric 2 dark blues, fabric 3 brick reds, fabric 4 dark purples, and the fifth color is a golden rod. So far so good:)

  5. Roberta says:

    I just finished the 52 blocks from part one of the mystery quilt. I am using 30′s prints from my stash, wasn’t until part 2 came out that I decided to do the quilt, did part 2 first, just got the newest edition so it’s on to part 3, I’m anxious to see what it will become, enjoyed seeing all your fabric choices. will be checking back in to see all the finished quilts

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