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A sign of the times… but what is it?

Most of the QN editors have signed up for Google news alerts for daily articles and tidbits regarding quilts. Last week, one headline in particular caught my eye: “Craft’s decline a sign of the times.” The article, published in the … Continue reading

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The fabric of life

For years, we in the United States have enjoyed very low prices on cotton quilting fabrics–somewhere in the range of $8 to $10 per yard for local quilt shop quality fabrics. However other regions, including Canada and Europe, routinely pay … Continue reading

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More of your long-arm quilting questions answered

Here is part two of our blog about Handi Quilters and long-arm machine quilting. Thanks for the awesome questions! Feel free to keep them coming on our blog or Facebook. Thank you to Brenda Groelz, Handi Quilter’s Director of Marketing … Continue reading

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A Finish!

Last weekend I finished a UFO I’d been working on completing for a while. I would post a picture of it but it still hasn’t been received by its intended recipient and I don’t want to spoil the “reveal.” My … Continue reading

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Are You Really Living?

Most of the time fortunes in cookies are silly–does anyone remember the classic, “Help! I’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory!” But sometimes, they can be downright profound. Timely in a bizarre way that really makes me stop and think. … Continue reading

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Correction to the February-March issue

In our February/March issue the article Splendor of Alhambra: Mosaic Tile Quilts mentioned that quilter Elly Prins had quilted all the quilts in the exhibit. However, Elly quilted only two of them: the group quilt Zelliges de Marrakech and Liesbeth … Continue reading

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Your questions about long-arm quilting

I spent the past week at Handi Quilter headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah attending two back-to-back long-arm quilting retreats. I was in a class of 16 and we each got our own HQ Avanté to practice on. The first … Continue reading

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