Call for Quilts for Japan

PATCHWORK TSUSHIN 2 Call for Quilts for Japan

Quilters Newsletter has long enjoyed a friendship with Patchwork Tsushin, a leading Japanese quilt magazine. So when Editor in Chief Naomi Ichikawa emailed to say her magazine is collecting comfort quilts for those impacted by the recent earthquake in Japan, we wanted to join the effort. QN will gather quilts from U.S. quiltmakers then forward them to Naomi and her staff, who will deliver them to those in need. (If you live outside the United States, email me as indicated below, and I will provide information on how you can send quilts directly to Naomi.)

Here’s how you can be part of this important worldwide response:

•    Send quilts of any size from baby to adult to:

Dana Jones
Quilters Newsletter
741 Corporate Circle, Suite A
Golden, CO 80401

•    Mark your box: “Quilts for Japan.”
•    Send quilts as soon as possible and no later than April 30, 2011.
•    Enclose your name, address, phone number, and email address with the quilts.

If you have questions, please email Dana Jones.

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142 Responses to Call for Quilts for Japan

  1. Sara Cohen says:

    Great idea. I think I can get one done in time. Thank you for doing this.

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  4. Kimberlee says:

    posted this on my blog and tweeted. Let’s ‘raise’ some quilts!

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  6. We are accepting any and all quilts up to and including 50″ X 70″ due to the shortage of space in the relief shelters. Your donations to be received in Calgary, Alberta (see our website for shipping details) prior to May 24 th for our first shipment to Japan! Thank you for supporting the victims in Japan.

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  9. Kim says:

    Two quilts are on the way……
    thank you and Happy Sewing

  10. Alyssa says:

    Just finished my very first quilt, made especially for Japan. Hope it’s good enough!

  11. I am going thru all my UFO’s and putting them on the longarm.
    I have some friends who have donated their UFO’s- so I will be sending out about 20.
    Do you know if UPS or the PO is donating the shipping to CO?
    I was told that the ones going to Project Linus will be getting them to the US Air Force who will be shipping them to Japan.
    Thanks for doing this- My sister was in Mississippi with the Red Cross
    when the quilts arrived after Katrina- and she said it was SO MOVING to see these folks who had lost EVERYTHING- accept a quilt – any color any style- and know it was the MOST PRIZED POSSESSION THEY NOW OWNED! Made with love.
    I will send mine out by April 20th so they get to you in time.
    Thanks again.

  12. By the way- UFO is Unfinished Object… a quilt top needing to be quilted.

  13. Martha Hughes says:

    I have fabric to donate to someone – but no time to sew.
    Perhaps to the ones who are having a “day of quiltmaking “on the

  14. Ona says:

    I’m glad I found your website, as I wanted to donate 2 or 3 quilts for Japan. Also glad you take any size. God bless you!

  15. Marilyn says:

    The Eagle Point Senior Center quilters just mailed out a box of baby and one large size quilt. The postage was not bad from Eagle Point, OR. We are so thrilled to be able to help the unfortunate. Bless you all for doing this. The lady that mailed the package did not inclose our phone number or my email address.

  16. Jolene Mershon says:

    I’m fedexing 4 quilts tomorrow. 2 twin and 2 smaller. Also, a note: Electric Quilters has a link on their website to Yasutoshi Kishimoto of Brothers Sales in Tokyo who is collecting baby quilts only. The deadline quilts is the end of July. For making additional quilts, this looks like a good avenue for getting them to the right spot with a little more time to get those done

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  20. Susan says:

    I have been wanting to make a quilt. What a good reason to make my first one!

  21. Ali says:

    Quilt on the way!

  22. Deb Gomes says:

    I am overwhelmed and moved at everyone’s open heart and generosity! God bless you for that! I, too, am sending a quilt or two if I can get them done on time, as are many of our members here in Sonoma County, California are doing.

  23. Sanae Kat says:

    2 quilts are on the way from Texas to Colorado!

  24. Loretta T says:

    Had our Quilting Bee last Saturday, about 18 people adults and kids made 12 quilts. will send by Monday.

  25. Dale Wallace says:

    My heartaches because I did not hear about this cause until too late. I am disabled and limited to the amount of time I can work on a quilt in one sitting. Do you think they will be sending anymore at a later date? I do charity quilts locally , so I do what I can, but would have loved to have helped these people as well. Thank you for your works.

  26. Akiko Kunst says:

    I just packed 19 quilts to go! I’m going to drop off at UPS store tomorrow. Should be at office by Thursday 4/28!

  27. fawn says:

    Just finished up a quilt to send. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing!! I hope you have gotten lots to send and that UPS or the USPS will help with shipping!!
    Off to get this shipped!! :o )

  28. I just sent off 12 quilts thru UPS they said arrival date of 4/28. I called around and none of the UPS stores knew anything about the effort and were not willing to help with shipping. Oh well- it is for a good cause- so I won’t complain. Inside the box is a large sign stating QUILTS FOR JAPAN.
    Thank you for doing this and if you get an extension on the time and a later date-PLEASE POST and I will work on more to send.
    Angels on your body!

  29. Pat Tugya says:

    Is it too late to send quilts?? they would be in the ;mail on Friday 4/29/11

  30. Hannah says:

    I’m putting three quilts into the mail today. UPS estimates they’ll get there either Friday or Monday. Thanks so much for organizing this great opportunity to help!

  31. Colleen Long says:

    UPS-ing my quilt today! So excited!!! Thank you again for the opportunity to bless those in Japan :)

  32. Deb says:

    Dana How will we know if you get the Quilts that were sent out to you I mailed a box on the April 11th by ups Thursday Night Strippers Quilt Guild

  33. MariAnne Johnson says:

    Hello Dana,
    I shipped 3 quilts made especially got the Japan effort by FedEx on April 20th from Tallahassee, Fl. Please advise weather these have arrived. If not, I will place a tracking investigation. I hope they arrived and that this while project was a big, beautiful success.
    Thanks, MariAnne Johnson

  34. Judi Reiss says:

    The Joshua Reiss Memorial 9/11 Foundation sent out 350 quilts over one month ago. We have not received any notice that the quilts have been received. As I have to answer to my Board of Directors, I really need some letter or email that I cna give them.

    The Joshua Reiss Memorial 9/11 Foundation is small but we have had a history of grants and other activites for children including Quilts for Haiti’s children.

    Please end us some notification and a picture of when the quilts are distibuted for our contributors.

  35. Hi Judi,
    Thank you for the very generous donation! None of the quilts have been unpacked yet – we hope to do that in June with the help of volunteers. Due to the sheer volume of quilts received we were not able to send notices as they came in (some days we’d receive several dozen packages). When the quilts have been unpacked and repacked for shipping we plan to send a thank you to each group or individual who contributed, but as I mentioned, that won’t happen until at least June. Thank you for your patience.

  36. Here in South Africa this appeal was touched by so many. Over the last 7 weeks we were able to get no less 500 quilts & blankets together. Thanks to the efforts of Annemarie Coulson who was able to secure a sponsor for the shipment to Japan. Without this we will not have realised the dream of helping those in need. Finally we wish Neomi well with the project and may these gifts bring some comfort to those who have suffered so much.

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  39. Evelyn Lundy says:

    I just wanted an update on the quilts for Japan. I sent a box full – approximately 8 quilts – and just wondered what had happened to them. Thanks!

  40. Annemarie says:

    7 Days after the 453 quilts left Riversdale, South Africa, on 20 May 2011, we received n reply from Hiroaki Amano from Patchwork Tsushin Co, Japan, that they have arrived !!
    Thanks to each and every Quilter in SA who participated and made a quilt within 7 weeks!

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