Nancy Mahoney’s Airship Propellers

QNMP 110500 Airship 300x300 Nancy Mahoneys Airship Propellers

Nancy Mahoney's Airship Propellers, 30" x 30", 2010

Readers who have seen our April/May 2011 issue have seen Nancy Mahoney’s fun rickrack technique in our Easy Lesson feature. If you haven’t seen it, take a look at pages 46 and 47 in our latest issue to learn how Nancy made her blocks for this cute wall hanging.

Then, click over to our website where you can download the free web pattern to make the whole quilt.

Have fun!

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4 Responses to Nancy Mahoney’s Airship Propellers

  1. Kyle Leach says:

    What am I missing? It says go to webpage for complete pattern! I am getting nothing more than a lovely photo of the quilt!!

  2. Hello Kyle, Did you click on the Download and Print link to access the pdf? You may need to refresh your browser too. If you’re still having problems, email and I’ll help you from there.

  3. julie westbroek says:

    where are the full size templates for Peace Offering?

  4. Hi Julie,
    All web extra content can be found under the current issue. The information you’re looking for is here:

    Just download the PDF files.

    Happy quilting!

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