Quilters Newsletter Mystery Quilt 2011

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Kelly's blocks for Mystery Quilt Part 2

Back in January three of us (Joli, Mary Kate, and I) decided to make the 2011 mystery quilt. I got as far as cutting my borders for part 2, but then life intervened.

In February we started our Best Quilts for Kids special issue and I filmed a segment for a DVD. Then I got the flu.

In March and April I made a quilt for our upcoming Best Quilts for Christmas special issue. It was a fairly simple quilt, but it took up all of my at-home sewing time and I got it finished just in time to hand off to the machine quilter before my vacation started. I spent a week showing a friend from Michigan all around Colorado, then came back to work to start writing and editing the patterns for some of the Christmas quilts.

The end of April saw the Denver Mancuso show and a hand-piecing class with Pepper Cory, so I didn’t get much (okay – anything!) done on the Mystery Quilt in March or April. I did, however, make at least 10 folded log cabin blocks while watching Dr. Who on Netflix!

Then May came, with Spring Quilt Market and the SAQA conference for which we hosted a nice reception at our gallery on the 20th. I’m still writing Christmas patterns and am about to embark on writing patterns and articles for our October/November issue of Quilters Newsletter, but my at-home sewing time has eased up and I’ve been able to get back to the Mystery Quilt.

I finished the blocks for part 2. They’re very simple, just half-square triangles and four-patches, and I cut all the borders and bindings. This weekend I plan to start the blocks for part 3 (in our April/May issue). I’ve discovered that if I cut all the pieces at once, then settle down to sewing I can do a decent job, even with one eye on Dr. Who. So I hope that by next week I’ll have 8 pretty blocks to show off! And then I’ll only be one month behind…

How is your Mystery Quilt going? If you’d like to post pictures of your progress you can put them on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them!



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2 Responses to Quilters Newsletter Mystery Quilt 2011

  1. Jan Kirby says:

    I have been doing great at keeping on track with the mystery quilt this year — until now! Summer company and travels looming and I am trying to decide how to do the applique required for these new 8 blocks. Fusing is fast – but I’d need to do the fusing and edge securing here. Hand applique takes longer with more prep, but can carry along! Decisions, decisions! Good luck to all of us mystery quilters!

  2. Centella Tucker says:

    I am SO glad to hear someone else got off track! I finished part 2 but am still working on the many part 1 blocks. Part 3? I read it. Now part 4 is here — errgghh! I fell on the ice in March, injuring my shoulder. Can only sew in short time frames because it hurts. Made a quilt for a May wedding, have the top ready to quilt for a June wedding, “sister dresses” for my littlest granddaughters this weekend … maybe I can catch up between this wedding quilt and one for my sister’s July birthday.

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