Super Giveaway!

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Super Giveaway Package

(Please note this giveaway has ended. A winner will be announced today.)

We did it! We reached 10,000 Facebook fans and, as promised, here’s the Super Giveaway! One lucky person will win all these fabulous gifts! To enter, leave a comment below by 11:59 p.m. Mountain time on Sunday, March 4. Tell us why you should win.

Here’s what’s included in this Super Giveaway:

* Dritz Heat Reflective Ironing Board Cover

* Olfa Precision Applique Scissors

* Red Rooster Paparrazzi fat-quarter bundle

* Pathways by Mary Fisher fat-quarter bundle from Troy

* Birch Bark Log by Holly Taylor fat-quarter bundle from Moda

* Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder from Wrights

* Fairfield Evergreen polyester batting, queen size

* Garden View Applique by Faye Labanaras, AQS

* Stash with Splash Quilts by Cindy Casciato, Krause Publications

* Flying Colors by Gail Garber, C&T Publishing

* Little Lanterns pattern from Prairie Garden Patterns, April Rosenthal Designs

* Trace ‘n Create Quilt Template with Nancy Zieman, Grandmothers One Patch Collection from Clover

* Quilters Newsletter, February/March 2012 and April/May 2012 issues

* Best Fat Quarter Quilts

* Best Weekend Quilts

* Best Quilts for Kids

* Best Quilts for Christmas

This could all be yours! Enter your comment below to enter to win. One comment per person. Deadline is 11:59 p.m. Mountain time Sunday, March 4. This giveaway is open to anyone who has not won anything from Quilters Newsletter in the last 90 days.

Watch our Facebook page for future Super Giveaways. They’ll be announced exclusively on the Quilters Newsletter page.

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1,100 Responses to Super Giveaway!

  1. I am a widow of ten years, and I LOVE to quilt and sew. As being the mother of four daughters, sewing our clothing was a must. They are all grown with their own families. But the love of sewing, quilting and those good times at a sewing machine, or in a chair with hand work is still one of their most rewarding and fun things to do. I couldn’t ever tell you what sewing, quilting , applique, and all that goes with it, has meant to me. After I became a widow I no longer had my husband to show my completed projects to. My family members treasure, enjoy and show interest in the things that I create. One daughter is presently making a quilt (her first one), for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. I have every quilting magazine, ever that I got in the mail, and they have been used for sources of patterns, tips, and just good reading. As I said my life would not be complete without my sewing and quilting. My collection of quilting patterns, pictures and tips, sewing notions kust keeps on growing. I treasure them all. Its like they say….” Sew many projects, sew little time”. Thank you for your time. Sewing has been a part of my life since the age of nine, when I made my first jumper, at home, and it turned out wearable. Mary Lou Hatcher

  2. Vicki says:

    I can’t say that I “should” win, but I can say that I would “like” to win!!

  3. Donna Odenbach says:

    What a wonderful line up of items. This just might re-spark my love for quilting!

  4. Sharon Guidera says:

    What a fantastic prize! I hope I win because when I’m not quilting, I’m thinking about quilting (which, many times, results in shopping!)

  5. After a year preoccupied with household hassles, working-mom madness and a sprained ankle, I have finally cleaned up my studio! Am branching into quilted/patched clothing and bags now, all in my original ultra-crazy (yet traditional) style. Quilters Newsletter Magazine is the one publication I never give away or recycle–there’s too much to learn in there!! I have used features like “Taking out the math” over and over. I am a pretty thrifty quilter, and do a lot of recycling and repurposing, so it would be great to win some free stuff. When a product turns out to be truly useful, I know to spend money on it next time.

  6. Janeen Sharpe says:

    I feel a need to make a memorial quilt for my Mom who passed on Tuesday. Maybe such a commitment will help me through the process of missing her already. She loved that I enjoyed sewing and just started quilting after I retired, but she passed before I got to making her quilt.

  7. Barb Meredith says:

    I would “love” to win your 10,000 Facebook Fan giveaway. I see lots of inspiration & quilting fun. Thanks.

  8. Peg Miller says:

    It’s been a rough month with having double pneumonia and having my 86 year old step-dad go through major surgery without being there. On the good side, I’ve told him that God has given him a miracle. He wasn’t even able to swallow water 2 weeks ago and now my mom says, he’s hungry all the time. His color has improved and he is growing stronger daily and I’m almost completely over the pneumonia.

    So what person doesn’t enjoy receiving a surprise in the mail? I know I would!

  9. Debbi says:

    Love this site and would love to win!!!

  10. Jane says:

    Not sure I should win and what I would do with all the wonderful gift items but like to think about the excitement of playing with all the items in the basket and having them to hold and touch.

  11. Linda McCoy says:

    Your magazine has been a favorite for a long time. The inspiration is fabulous! Getting fabric with another’s sense of color and style is always exciting because it pushes me outside of my own range. And all of the other goodies would be really fun too!

  12. Joan Ferguson says:

    Would be great to win all those goodies! Love the magazine!

  13. Darla Zimmer says:

    I’d like to win. I share quilting with my sister and niece, so we could use everything shown.

  14. Sue says:

    I would love to win these great prizes. I would give them to my daughter in law who is showing an interest in quilting. I would love to help her build her stash.

  15. Patricia Quinnell says:

    I would just love to get out the house to do some patchwork shopping but laid up after knee surgery and winning this prize would stop my craving for patchwork shopping the prize is amazing I would no longer be bored if I won.
    thanks for doing this

  16. Barbara Summey says:

    I love to add this collection to my stash of cloth, to help me make those beautful things of art.

  17. Bunny says:

    I would love to win

  18. Paige says:

    Would really help with my projects

  19. Brenda Martin says:

    One morning I awoke, To a cold and glistening snow, I realized I had naught to do, I thought I’d learn to sew! I needed a blanket for my toes, my shoulders ached with chills, I had no money for fabric, Because of all my bills! But ’round the house I search and searched, To find something I could use, But all I had was lots of scraps, I started to get the blues! Then I found a magazine, my mom left here one day, And so I read it avidly, And my blues all went away! For in those beautiful pages I did find, Patterns and pieces and lots of ways, To rearrange my fabric scraps, and make an applique. And now I know just what to do, if I only had more tools, I’d cut and strip for all the day! Cause Quilter’s Newsletter rules!!

  20. Diane Simmons says:

    Would love some new books and goodies!! In Fla. for the winter, need something new to keep me interested :)

  21. Arlene Erickson says:

    I would love to win too!

  22. Arlene Erickson says:

    I would love to win! I always need more books for my collection.

  23. Sandie Oravec says:

    I would love to win! It would be more inspiration for me in my ministry quilting

  24. Elaine Litton says:

    What fantastic prize. I could sure use everything in the package.

  25. Janet says:

    Sure enjoy your newsletter, but also sure I’m not the only one! I would love to have these goodies, but again, sure I’m not the only one. Good luck to all fellow quilters. One of us will be very happy and the rest of us will be happy for the winner…so we all win!

  26. Susan Foster says:

    This would be like Christmas!

  27. Suzanne adler says:

    What a fabulous prize., I would love to win! I would be an early birthday present!

  28. Beth Bosshart says:

    I am an addicted quilter who would love to receive this goody package. I haven’t been able to quilt as avidly as I like due to being out of work for 8 months. The stash has dwindled and the magazines are only the goodwill specials. This would be a big attitude/ spirit booster if I were to be choosen. Thanks for the consideration.

  29. Liz Kuntz says:

    Why should I win??? Because I really, really want to win!!! ;-)

  30. Maria says:

    I would love to win all of these wonderful books, scissors, fat quarters, and etc. Why should I win all of this???? No reason in particular – just to say that I would love to have all of these things and they all would be put to good use in future projects that I have in mind.

  31. Stacy Ashton says:

    Nice giveaway! I love looking at quilting mags (especially Quilters Newsletter) for all that inspiration.

  32. Carla says:

    WOW, what a gift. This would be fantastic to win and very helpful. My husband says we need to downsize. I agree, we are in our early 60′s and we don’t need a 3bedroom house on 4 acres. He also thinks I need to quit shopping for fabric & quilting toys. When he said downsize, that doesn’t mean my stash. I’ve worked very hard to build my stash, in fact I think I have reached SABLE…(stash acquired beyond life expectancy) :)

  33. Linda Stivers says:

    I would love to win!! I ‘should’ win because I would share the goodies with my two daughters who are quilters and don’t always have the $$ to get what they need, much less what they want. Thanks for the chance to win and spread the bounty! :)

  34. So fun!! Great prizes, thanks for the giveaway! I defnitely would have a lot of fun with this package!

  35. Patti Flack says:

    WOW I would live to win this wonderful prize, I am brand new at learning to quilt and I am on disability so it will take me a very long time to gather all my supplies and this would be so wonderful and so helpful, there are items here that I would never ever be able to buy.

  36. I would love to win any goodies package. I love making quilts for soldiers and kids with cancer. I could use any books or tools and fabric . I don’t have alot of fabric what I do have is mostly use up . With my two favorite charitys. Thank-you for the chance to enter.

  37. Tammy Taylor says:

    I would love to win this great package. It would go to great use when I make a baby blanket for my newborn daughter. Thanks for the super giveaway!

  38. Mary Jessie says:

    I would love to be the winner!

  39. Marcia Ziskal says:

    I am a new quilter and we are limited on what we can spend on supplies. I aspire to do art quilting and have been making small pieces to practice. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my designs from quilters w/ much more experience which I consider a HUGE compliement. I will put everything to very good use if I am the lucky one.

  40. cristie clingan says:

    I am in Montana on a cold winter day and need something to motivate me and inspire me. Would love to win

  41. Sandra Starley says:

    What a great giveaway from my favorite magazine. Pick me !!

  42. Janis Salcfas says:

    Love all of the above products! Would put all of them to good use!

  43. Tina S. says:

    Great prices and love to win

  44. Cheri Cuff says:

    I would love to win and share it all with my local guild.

  45. Ann Wiseman says:

    Quilters Newsletter Magazine has been my favorite for a couple decades now! Other quilt publication subscriptions have come and gone, but QNM remains my stand-by. Keep up the good work! : )

  46. Delores Cook says:

    Oh my, what fun each of these gifts would be……my dreams could come true with all this inspiration. My husband says I pet my stash now, but if I won all these….no telling how talented I could be.

  47. Pat Helm says:

    I would use this gift to get more ideas for my quilting group. It is a very exciting prize.

  48. Sarah Kramer says:

    A beginning quilter and would love to have proper tools to do things right. Whoever wins will be truly blessed.

  49. Shirley Giampoala says:

    We have no local quilt shop, to win something quilty would inspire the happy stash dance !!

  50. Rebecca Kerger says:

    This lovely gift would certainly help me get my long time dream of Quilting started. After raising my 8 kids and now helping to care for grandbabies I might just find the time to actually get started on my dream! Thanks for this chance!!

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