We Have A Winner!

FacebookPrizes web 300x300 We Have A Winner!

This is what Joni won!

Congratulations to Joni J. of Alaska, winner of Quilters Newsletter‘s Super Giveaway celebrating 10,000 Facebook fans.

Joni said she’s a new quilter building a supply of tools, reading materials and fabric stash with every spare penny. Her favorite part of quilting is sharing time with local quilters on snowy Alaska days. She said Quilters Newsletter inspires her to stick to it and finish projects and she plans to share her prize package with quilters at her local senior center. Lucky them!

Congratulations Joni!

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9 Responses to We Have A Winner!

  1. Pamela says:

    Good for her, what a nice way to start out in quilting. :)

  2. Carol Debbout says:

    Congratulations! Happy Quilting!

  3. Karen says:

    congratulations to her, sounds like she will put her win to good use!

  4. Joni J says:

    Thanks everyone! I am very excited and I can hardly wait to share the books and magazines with my quilting group in Ninilchik Alaska! We have a couple quilt shops in Homer but we drive 30 to 50 miles to get to shopping to feed our hobby! This is wonderful!

  5. Mary G says:

    Joni sounds like an excellent choice! Quilt on!

  6. Linda says:

    Congratulations you lucky thing, happy quilting to you and your group.

  7. Delores Cook says:

    Congratulations! Quilting is a wonderful hobby to share with others!

  8. Ellen Olson-Sax says:

    great way to start…… congrats!!

  9. Adrienne Eggleston says:

    Congratulations. What fun to win so many lovely and useful things. Enjoy your quilting.

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