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A great idea…?

Or have I been hit with a Confundus spell? I’m Gigi, and I just joined the Quilters Newsletter Editorial team about two weeks ago. I am so excited to be here! On my first day, as much of a whirlwind … Continue reading

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Quilt Judging Tidbits

I had a most interesting time recently. I got to sit in on the judging of the 104 quilts at the Georgia Quilt Show which was presented by Original Sewing and Quilting Expo. The judges were Holice Turnbow and Beverly … Continue reading

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October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My family has a pretty ugly history when it comes to breast cancer. I am a survivor. My mother, two of her three sisters, and now my oldest sister all have had breast cancer. But while I say that our … Continue reading

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This is for N and C

Quilts can be fun and beautiful. But they’re also a historical product of women’s work and a document of women’s lives, which are not always fun and beautiful. Sometimes quilts represent the difficult and tragic parts of our lives. Continue reading

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A not-so-random quilt design

A few weeks ago I decided to take the wrapper off a little Moda mini-charm pack I had in my stash and do something with it. Are you familiar with mini-charm packs? They are adorable. At 2-1/2″ square, they’re so … Continue reading

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Festival’s Pet Project

The majority of us at Quilters Newsletter are dog lovers, so when we learned that International Quilt Festival is launching a Pet Project this year, we just had to share it with you. Quilt Festival and Friends For Life, an … Continue reading

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My Real Sewing Space

In my blog two weeks ago, I posted a photo of my sewing space in my new apartment. I laughed when I saw Curlique Creations comment on Facebook about my organized sewing space. You have to remember I was moving … Continue reading

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