Babies – Quilting and Design Inspiration

I just found out recently that one of my nieces is expecting for the first time this summer. I’ve designed a lot of baby quilts for our special issues in the past and have made and quilted a number of them for great-nieces and nephews. I don’t know what I’ll come up with for this next little one.

Lori’s blog post yesterday about free-motion cursive writing on quilts and her previous posts about using freezer paper templates to help in free-motion quilting are both methods I used on the last baby quilt I made. I didn’t even think about what kind of quilt to make for him until after Almanzo was born and I heard his name. His name sounded exotic to me and inspired my fabric choices and my free-form design.

Al Quilt Babies – Quilting and Design Inspiration

I started pulling teal and green fabrics to pair with a fat quarter of fun dog fabric from my stash and discovered the perfect lime green flannel in my store of backs fabrics. I made two very large boyish monkey wrench blocks, then cut and pieced the rest of the fabric to make an exotic, crazy top that fit the flannel back.

I wanted the quilting to be unusual and fun too, so I made a rough tracing of one of the dog motifs in the fabric, enlarged it on my printer/copier then traced that motif onto the dull side of a piece of freezer paper. I made the tracing reflect where the continuous quilting needed to be so that I could add eyes and noses and could connect the spaces between the dog motifs. I also made a tracing in reverse so that some of the dogs could be facing in the opposite direction. Then I layered the tracings with 2 or 3 more pieces of freezer paper and cut around the outside edges of the dog shapes.

Al detail3 Babies – Quilting and Design Inspiration

I arranged the dog templates on the pin-basted quilt and free-motion traced the dog templates with my quilting. Part way through the quilting I decided that instead of adding a label to the finished quilt it, it might be more fun to write my message/label with free-motion cursive quilting. I wound the words around the dog shapes in various directions to get them to fit. All of my quilting was done from the front of the quilt so the message is a little hard to read in some areas, but check out the flopped photo of the back for better detail. Happy Quilting.


Al detail41 Babies – Quilting and Design Inspiration

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  1. Cindy C. says:

    Too darned cute.

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