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It is hard to believe that one week ago I was moving through the Austin convention center taking in all that was QuiltCon, the inaugural modern quilting show.  There was a full four-day agenda. It was great fun; energetic and informative. I was representing Quilters Newsletter; taking photos of the scene and visiting with other quilters, vendors and teachers.

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I think my most memorable moment came when I was studying a quilt close up to identify the block. Another woman was looking at the same block. We started talking and I asked her what she thought of the event. The two women she was with joined us and we four had a lively conversation. What was interesting was that our ages ranged from 30 to 70, but our reactions to what we saw were similar. We loved the energy and freshness.

I thought I would encounter lots of young women and I did, but there were plenty of “women of a certain age” at QuiltCon. They had years of quilting experience, but also an  attitude to embrace something new and see what it was all about.

DSC02258 copy 300x225 ITS AN ATTITUDEIt will be so interesting to watch the Modern Quilt movement in the next several years. I look forward to the journey.

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I am the Art Director for Quilters Newsletter Magazine and QN Special Interest Publications
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3 Responses to IT’S AN ATTITUDE

  1. Marilyn R says:

    I wasn’t able to go to the QuiltCon but seeing the blogs were wonderful. I was very excited to see the modern quilts. It so refreshing to see how the quilting world has grown and accepting the new way to quilt. The old with a new twist. :-)

  2. claudia corbett says:

    Although many quilt show that I have been to has many traditional quilt patterns, when I come up to a modern quilt, it seem to always catch my eye and inspires me to hope some day, to be able to make a creative, innovative and inspiring modern quilt!

  3. Bev Getschel says:

    Thank you Susan, I am happy to see your post that “Modern quilting is an attitude not an age”. I too am excited about the Modern Quilt movement.

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