Quilts in Art

Artwork depicting quilts is certainly a small niche, but it occupies a little place in the art world all the same. Artists that take the trouble to render a colorful patchwork quilt in a scene are giving themselves more painstaking detail work, but the end result is generally so nice that it’s worth it. I, personally, love quilts in artwork and have amassed a pretty nice collection on my Pinterest board.

One artist I really admire, Helen Klebesadel, does gorgeous watercolors of all sorts of subjects, but her quilt series is really beautiful. Then there is Fraser Smith, who carves wood into the shape of a hanging quilt and paints the colors in. They look so realistic!

I just came across this article about Dennis McGregor, who is no stranger to painting quilts, in fact, he is hoping to publish his illustrated book with the help of Kickstarter donations. I hope he reaches his goal – his illustrations are lovely, and the story sounds fun, too.

And then there are Barn Quilts, Quilts in photos, Quilts as Art, the list goes on. It’s so interesting to me that quilting, so creative itself, is inspiring creativity in so many different media.

The Broken Star Quilt 011 Quilts in Art

The Broken Star Quilt by Fred Fellows

I’d better get back to work, but I just wanted to share a little eye candy to brighten the last weekend of National Quilting Month… Make sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news, hints, giveaways and quilt-related fun, and have a great weekend!


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