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Susan’s Best Weekend Quilt

Staff challenges happen around here and the next thing you know you have a new project. When Mary Kate challenged us all to make a quilt from the Best Weekend Quilts 2013 issue, I claimed Oh Happy Day, shown below. … Continue reading

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Lori’s Best Weekend Quilt

I am continuing the Best Weekend Quilts 2013 blogging fun by telling you about my weekend quilt based on a pattern from the special issue available at your local quilt shops or at I decided to begin with the … Continue reading

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Gigi’s Best Weekend Quilt

I definitely look forward to my weekends, not only because it’s a chance to catch up on everything that I let slide during the week, but also because it’s so great to have two whole days in a row to … Continue reading

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Kath’s Best Weekend Quilt

When we were challenged to choose one of the Best Weekend Quilts 2013 to make, I was immediately drawn to Triangles & Diamonds by Ramona Sorenson. I had created a digital sample of a scrappy alternate colorway for Ramona’s quilt … Continue reading

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Mary Kate’s Best Weekend Quilt

A couple of months ago, as we were wrapping up production on Best Weekend Quilts 2013 — the latest special publication from Quilters Newsletter on sale now in quilt shops, newsstands, bookstores and online – I had a bright idea: … Continue reading

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The Colors of Spring?

I shot this photo of a pair of robins from the stairwell of our apartment building a month ago today. The contrast of bright orange puffed-up robin bellies against the dark brown branches and the whites of the falling snow … Continue reading

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It’s finished!

Finally, finally, I finished the red quilt. It was the mystery quilt Connecting Threads had on their site in March. I told you about it on March 18th and again on March 25th. I’ve mentioned it since then, promising photos … Continue reading

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On the set of “Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting”

Here is something I never expected I’d say: last week I got back from a whirlwind trip to Iowa to tape a guest appearance on a TV show. To be specific, I taped an episode of “Fons & Porter’s Love … Continue reading

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How Much Thread???

A couple of weeks ago, I was proofreading an article in which the author said she had 220 spools of thread. It got me to wondering.  How many spools of thread does the average quilter have? But there are different … Continue reading

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Math and Quilts

In high school, you said you’d never need it again in your life. Well, there’s a good chance that you did, anyway. “That’s why they invented calculators!” and “Who cares about the area of a parallelogram?” may have come out … Continue reading

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