Who’s on First giveaway

giveaway 4.10.13 001 Whos on First giveaway

Who's on First by Bristol Bay Studio for Benartex Inc.


Costello: Well, then who’s playing first?

Abbott: Yes.

Costello: I mean the fellow’s name on first base.

Abbott: Who.

Costello: The fellow playin’ first base.

Abbott: Who.

Costello: The guy on first base.

Abbott: Who is on first.

Costello: Well, what are you askin’ me for?

Abbott: I’m not asking you–I’m telling you. Who is on first.

Costello: I’m asking you–who’s on first?

Abbott: That’s the man’s name.

Costello: That’s who’s name?

Abbott: Yes.

The classics never go out of style. Abbot & Costello’s signature routine is as funny now as it was the first time they performed it. And even for those of us who aren’t particularly baseball fans, Major League Baseball’s opening day combines an air of nostalgia with the promise of milder days ahead.

giveaway 4.10.13 003 225x300 Whos on First giveawayOur friends at Benartex recently sent us a set of 12 fat quarters and a 24″ panel from their new Who’s on First collection by Bristol Bay Studio.  To celebrate another of spring’s milestones, we’re happy to give it away for no other reason than we’re excited for the start of the baseball season and we know someone out there will make a fantastic quilt with this fabric.

For a chance to win the Who’s on First free fabric giveaway, leave a comment below. If you wish, tell us something about baseball — could be about a memorable game you attended, your favorite baseball movie (mine is definitely “Bull Durham”), or the fan in your life who might receive a quilt made with this bundle.

[Please note: this giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our randomly selected winner, Susan! Thanks so much to all who entered!]

You have until 11:59 p.m. Mountain time on Sunday, April 14, to leave your comment for a chance to win. One comment per person, please. Open to those who haven’t won something from Quilters Newsletter in the last 90 days.

Play ball!!

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261 Responses to Who’s on First giveaway

  1. Grace says:

    Love these fabrics! My husband would love a baseball quilt!

  2. I love the movie Field of Dreams!!! Whenver I am in corn fields I think of it! And on another note, I suck at baseball!!! I was always afraid to swing at the ball when I was in Little League!

  3. Shari Harrison says:

    My husband is a former minor league ballplayer and I’ve been collecting baseball fabric for some time. This collection is really great: masculine as well as nostalgic. It would make a great backing to a baseball t-shirt quilt for a two-sided look, or as a wallhanging in our sports theme basement rec room. All of our children played competitive ball (fast pitch softball and baseball), we are the family that encourages throwing things and practicing your swing INSIDE the house. It would be wonderful to make a baseball quilt to bridge the ‘baseball withdrawal’ season from late October to April!

  4. Susan Paxton says:

    I am a big baseball fan..Years ago when I lived in California I used to go to Candlestick Park to watch the Giants…Then When I lived in Massachusetts I went to Boston to see the Red Sox play…I don’t even mind watching it on TV…3 of my grandkids are playing Little League this year…Don’t know if one of them will get a quilt made from this but I would love to make one..Thanks so much for the chance to win…

  5. Ellen says:

    My son played baseball and was even drafted in high school. But he threw his arm out in college and it was never repaired properly. So his playing days are over. As a five year old he would listen on the radio to baseball games. I would make a quilt for him out of the fabric – he still loves to play with friends at intermural games.

  6. lindawwww says:

    I’d love to win these fabrics. I used to play baseball when I was a teenager and I have great memories of that time.

  7. Heather J says:

    Love the post. I used to go to baseball games growing as there was a team nearby. Still watch my team on tv.

  8. Julie in GA says:

    My husband and I love travelling to different major league ballparks around the country. These fabrics could become the perfect travel tote bags.

  9. lynaeve says:

    I have a son who would probably love me to make him something out of that. I’m guilty of only buying girly fabrics. thanks for the chance

  10. Sally W says:

    love these fabrics! we are a ball family – 8 games in the next
    7 days, High school and College. I will need to celebrate these fabrics some how :)

  11. Janet says:

    That is absolutely awesome baseball fabric!

  12. Lori Morton says:

    Our oldest son is a definite Baseball fan….I would love to make him a Special quilt with this fabric!! :)

  13. Darlene Law says:

    When I was a girl we played baseball out in an open field with all our friends in the neighborhood. We didn’t have to have something fancy, just room to play!! In good weather we stayed outside most of the day and hated to go in at night. Great memories!!

  14. Teresa Naylin says:

    What a great idea. These cute fabrics will make someone a very special quilt :-)

  15. Sharon Buford says:

    This would be a great little package to win. I know what I would do with it – my 8 year old grandson is a HUGE baseball fan and has been playing since he was 3 -he would be so excited to wrap up in his own baseball quilt.

  16. Mary-Frances Reavey says:

    I now have 5 Grandsons to whom I can pass down my love of baseball. This would just be the icing on the cake (so to speak) for the quilts I’m in the process of making for them. PLAY BALL (after you quilt of course :) )

  17. Kathy Cochran says:

    Love love love the fabric!! I have never seen baseball fabric like that!! AWESOME!! Would love to have it!! My sons play college baseball and one of my sons is a ASST.GM Manager @ a semi pro ball club! He would love that for a quilt! I would love it for myself!LOL Love Baseball Fanatic!!!

  18. Terri C. says:

    Never been to a game but the fabric is adorable. I could use it!

  19. Dawn Childs says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. I have several family members who would absolutely love a lap quilt made out of these fabrics. I have downloaded the pattern from Bernatex just in case I win :)

  20. Carol Nichols says:

    I would love to make a quilt for my grandson who is a great baseball player and would just love it!

  21. Centella Tucker says:

    I am crazy for baseball — though I might have to share such a quilt with my husband.

  22. Evelyn B says:

    Love this fabric. It would be hard to decide between my husband and son as to who would get a quilt made out of it. They are both huge Milwaukee Brewer fans! Thanks for the chance to win!


    Would love to make a quilt for my sister in-laws who is a huge Cleveland Indians fan. She really helped me out a lot last year when my husband had open heart, what a way to truly show my gratitude….. please pick me for my sister in-laws. Thank you for this chance, appreciate it.

  24. Susan S says:

    My son and a friend used the Abbott & Costello routine as a presentation for Speech class when they were in junior high. I still giggle every time I hear it! Love the fabrics… hope I win!

  25. Maryann says:

    My favorite baseball game to attend every year is the Boston Red Sox on Patriot’s Day (the 3rd Monday on April). It’s a beautiful late morning game played the same day as the Boston Marathon. The last mile of the race runs close to the park and the winner is usually announced towards the end of the game. After spending time in the baseball park, we walk down to watch the runners at the last mile of the race. The whole city is full of runners and their supporters and I love to chat with the visitors to see how their race went or how they are enjoying the city. It’s always a fun day!

  26. hueisei says:

    I never play baseball before. Love the fabrics.

  27. Laurie Taylor says:

    Would love to win this fabric so I could make a quilt for my son, who’s always been a baseball fanatic.

  28. Patricia Hersl says:

    My Baltimore born son married a tried and true Yankees fan from the Hudson Valley. At their wedding, instead of candles, each had a container with M&M’s. His were orange and black. Hers were blue and white. And to light their future, they combined them in a large bowl. Now years later, 2 yard flags decorate by the front door. As each leaves in the morning, the favorite flag is placed in front. I’m sure the neighbors just shake their heads.

  29. Amy Caldwel says:

    Would love to make my youngest grandson(5) his first quilt from “Nana”. Thanks for the chance! Good Luck to All :)

  30. Teri powers says:

    I love baseball

  31. Barbara says:

    I am a huge Orioles fan. Go O’s!

  32. Carol H says:

    I know Who is on First! I want to wind these. I’m sure I know a baseball fan out there somewhere!!

  33. Jo says:

    My husband and I just saw the great movie “42″ about Jackie Robinson. What an inspiring story to inspire a great quilt from these beautiful fabrics.

  34. WOW. that’s great baseball fabric.. what a sweet quilt it could tell

  35. Beth Collings says:

    Great quilt in the making! We are huge baseball fans, in fact, the game is on now!

  36. JoAnne T. says:

    When I was ten years old, playing baseball was my favorite thing to do. I asked for a baseball glove for my birthday. My father said he never thought he would be buying a baseball glove for one of his daughters! That sure sounds like an odd thing for a father to say these days, but it was 1959. I wasn’t allowed to play Little League because I was a girl. How wonderful it is for girls today, they are allowed to play their favorite sports on teams with boys! I still do love baseball.

  37. Lori Platt says:

    That comedy routine is the best one EVER! I would LOVE to get these fabrics – what an exciting quilt it would make:-) Oh, man…my husband would be so happy!

  38. Diana Wilsey Geer says:

    Favorite baseball quote: “There is no place like HOME!”

  39. Julie B says:

    I attended a play-off series game in MN several years ago. The roar of the fans’ cheering their team was deafening. They actually had to stop play because the teams couldn’t hear the referee’s calling the plays. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

  40. Jean says:

    I lived in Phoenix during the Diamondback start up and their winning the World Series, it was an amazing time for baseball! Would love to win this and make something for my son who still loves the DBacks!

  41. Kathy says:

    These fabrics would make a great boy’s quilt. “Boy” fabrics can sometimes be so hard to find.

  42. Sue says:

    My husband and I are fanatic Tigers fans. I would love to make something for our TV room out of these fabrics! What fun!

  43. trillium says:

    All I have to say about baseball is that I hope the Pittsburgh Pirates can finish over 50% wins this season. I would make this a wall quilt for me!

  44. Jo Stires says:

    I always broke fingers when I tried to catch a ball in high school. I’m now 70 and still can’t catch or throw a ball. This fabric would remind me that it could be a fun game to play if I ever could participate.

  45. Anita Hertzog says:

    This fabric is so delightful. Here in the Lehigh Valley we love our baseball and are fortunate to be the home of the Philadelphia Phillies minor league team, the Iron Pigs. My boss is a tremendous baseball fan. His daughters both played thru high school and he is a Phillies season ticket holder every year. He has done so much for me since the sudden death of my husband last summer that I can think of no one more deserving to receive a beautiful quilt honoring his favorite sport. Even if I don’t win this giveaway I will be anxious to buy this fabric so that I can make him a baseball quilt for Christmas.

  46. Nancy Petersons says:

    I would make a wall quilt that I can work on during the Red Sox season! I love the fabrics!

  47. Lynn Makrin says:

    I live near Cooperstown, NY, but enjoyed my first jobs in Hoboken, NJ. Both towns claim to be the home of baseball in the USA. I, therefore, am torn too. Can’t wait to win and celebrate these two great towns with these awesome fabrics.

  48. Linda G says:

    On my way to FL my daughter called to tell me she is having a boy! This would make a perfect quilt for Daddy and Tommy!
    Thanks for a chance to make a grand slam, home run quilt!

  49. Cathy Cameron says:

    Would love to win. Thx for the chance. My 2 oldest Great Nephews are really into baseball..one is a real good pitcher so would make something for them out of it.

  50. Michele says:

    Love baseball!!! My grandparents lived near Cooperstown and we’d go to the Hall of Fame and watch ball games played on Doubleday Field. This beautiful fabric would make a sweet quilted reminder for my dad.

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