Who can quilt with all that sewing going on?

This t-shirt speaks for me.

 Who can quilt with all that sewing going on?

t-shirt from www.twochicksdesigns.com

Or should I say, it speaks for how I’ve been feeling this past week. Overall I haven’t been very stitchy lately. I still have the blocks for my weekend quilt laid out — I did get  neutral fabrics for the shadows and backgrounds, and I can tell the quilt is going to work so much better than if I’d gone with blue — and even though all I have to do is (improvisationally) join my (improvisational) blocks into rows then join the rows, I haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe it’s the improvisational aspect; I’m going to have to do some thinking and assessing to get those blocks to line up, and I guess I haven’t felt that smart.

Now that I think about it, I’ve been making more time for reading in the evenings, which cuts into quilting time. Right now I’m reading Mink River by Brian Doyle, which I got in the Powell’s Books store in the Portland airport on my way home from Spring Market in May. Doyle is a Portland-based author and the novel is set on the Oregon coast, so it was my way of bringing some of the local culture home with me. I’m enjoying it quite a bit — it’s lyrical and character-driven, a nice summer read.

But last week I sewed a block for our December/January Staff Picks section, and even though I chose an easy block I still had to break my sewing into two sessions thanks to my preschooler uncharacteristically waking up and crying in the night. (It’s because of things like that I choose easy blocks to begin with.) I had just started piecing when I heard her crying and thought, “Really?! I only need about 20 minutes to finish this thing!” I managed to finish it the next day, and it was just enough to get the juices flowing. It felt like it had been forever since I last worked on a quilt.

Which is not to say I haven’t been sewing a bit here and there. Some of the things I’ve used my sewing machine for recently include:

  • Scrappy bunting to decorate my preschooler’s recent birthday party
  • Backing a 36″ x 56″ nylon play mat with denim so it can be used on the floor without bunching up
  • Making 3″ pinwheel blocks out of scraps from my Staff Picks block that I normally would have thrown away
birthday bunting e1372272736705 Who can quilt with all that sewing going on?

Garden party bunting for the birthday girl

And now that the weather is officially hot, I want to try my hand at making an easy skirt or two. I’m not a garment sewer (yet), so even an easy project would take up, well, at least an entire nap period. Too many projects, never enough time.

I’m sure there’s a t-shirt for that, too.

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2 Responses to Who can quilt with all that sewing going on?

  1. Judith R. Cole says:

    I love the beautiful red, white & blue fabrics that are shown…not only is the fourth of July coming up but I’m looking for another quilt project to start on…have just finished make the blocks for two Civil War Quilts and now it’s time to start on another type of quilt…my father also served in War War II & was a true patriot.

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