Christmas? In July?

Our youngest granddaughter turned two this past week. Two is such a fun age. Her birthday party was yesterday.  I made these little pants for her. There is a fun story to go with these pants.

6 24 2013 002 2 Christmas? In July?

The Front of My Take on Quick Change Trousers

Last week, Mary Kate sent me a link to the blog of Rossie Hutchinson. On her June 8, 2013, post titled “Cranky Pants,” Rossie showed some really darling toddler pants. Rossie told where she got the pattern. (Good job, Rossie.) Those little pants are in a book titled Handmade Beginnings by Anna Marie Horner. I went to Barnes & Noble that night but they didn’t have the book in stock. The next day at work, I asked Ellen (editor-in-chief of our sister publication Sew News) if she had a copy of the book. She did! She brought it to me right away. I went home and made my first pair of Quick Change Trousers that evening. They are so cute, so practical, fast to sew and reversible. I made mine with 5 fat quarters from a recent fabric grab. (click here for an explanation of fabric grabs.) Reversed to the other side, they have the same bright pink yoke and the yellow prints you see here as the cuffs are the body of the pants. I am really sure I’ll be making more of these.

6 24 2013 003 2 Christmas? In July?

And the Back. Aren't they sweet?

As I was finishing her pants, I was thinking how easy it would be to start on Christmas presents for her. I love sewing for little girls. And, for those of us who sew, it’s never too soon to start thinking about Christmas.

Much of the time, as I’m sewing throughout the year, I’m making things because they are pretty or I want to try a new technique or pattern. Then when I start specifically thinking about Christmas, I use things I’ve made through the year and hopefully have just a few people left to come up with a present for. Sometimes it works but all too often, I get down to the last week or two before Christmas and I find I need to do some major sewing. In fact that very thing happened this past Christmas. Every year, I promise myself I’ll do better. Does that sound familiar to any of you?

For me part of the problem is lack of planning. Why don’t I make a list of people in January and check them off as I complete something that will work for them? Or even better, when I get ready to start a project or finish one of my PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) why don’t I look at the list of people first and make something specifically for someone on that list? (What a concept!!)

Yesterday afternoon/evening, I spent a while reorganizing my sewing space. The compulsive part of my personality MAKES me do that every once in a while. I thought it would make me feel better but I found a small box of PIGS I had forgotten I had. I thought I had the PIGS in my apartment all in 2 paper cases – the boxes you can get reams of copy paper in. They measure about 10″ x 12″ x 18″.  (Yes, I know that is a lot of unfinished projects.) I’m all caught up with my sewing projects for Quilters Newsletter so I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks seeing if I can get some of those projects finished. And maybe I’ll have a head start on Christmas.

Connecting threads Christmas in July 150x150 Christmas? In July?Speaking of a head start on Christmas, my friend Alisha at Connecting Threads asked us if we’d like to be one of the sponsors for their Christmas in July contest. It is a sweepstake kind of contest. You’ll want to enter every day to increase your chances of winning. The winners are definitely going to feel like it is Christmas at their house. Check it out here.

If you haven’t already checked it out, in this week’s video Harriet Carpanini shows you how she appliques on her long arm quilting machine.

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Happy quilting!

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