More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

I promised last week to share more photos from Houston and here they are.

First, I have to show you one of the vendor booths. Shannon Fabrics had a dude ranch theme. Their animals were wonderful. Notice the mouse by the piglets, the chickens in the coop on the back wall and the cacti. They were all made of fabric, what fun!

11 04 2013 Houston 013 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

The Shannon Fabrics Booth

I don’t know if this next quilt got much attention but I fell in love with it. It is a recreation of a baby quilt created in 1860.

11 04 2013 Houston 078 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

Here is the original baby quilt.













According to the label the applique had been stuffed with wool but the fabric is now tattered and most of the wool stuffing is gone.

And the recreation.

11 04 2013 Houston 079 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

A Petite Heirloom by Betty Alderman of Palmyra, New York











I do nearly everything by machine but that doesn’t mean I don’t love hand-stitched and hand-quilted quilts. One of the exhibits where I was amazed was the exhibit of some of the work of Hazel Canny.  Her work is exquisite. The sign for the exhibit said she started quilting in 1971 and has made over 50 quilts. There were a number of whole cloth quilts but I didn’t try to photograph those. I didn’t think you’d be able to see the quilting but here are some of her pieced and appliqued quilts.

11 04 2013 Houston 039 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

Pickle Dish by Hazel Canny

11 04 2013 Houston 041 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

A Persian Prayer Rug by Hazel Canny
















This was inspired by a 16th century Persian prayer rug.











11 04 2013 Houston 043 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

The Flowers by Hazel Canny

The information sheet for The Flowers said the background quilting was done before applying the floral designs.










11 04 2013 Houston 048 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

Detail of The Flowers


11 04 2013 Houston 063 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

Victorian Stencil by Hazel Canny



A fresco stencil catalog from the Victorian era served as inspiration for this lovely quilt.








11 04 2013 Houston 065 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

Celtic Roses by Hazel Canny















Here is another fabulous quilt that I’d like to share this week.

11 04 2013 Houston 028 More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

Winter by Laurie Weiner of Clinton, Washington

Winter was the Honorable Mention in the Merit Quilting, Machine category sponsored by Bernina of America. The pinecones and needles of the tree are trapunto. The fabric is hand-dyed cotton sateen and the quilting is amazing. I hope you can see it in the photo.

Now I hear my stack of folders calling my name. I must move on to other things.

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5 Responses to More Photos from Houston Quilt Market

  1. Marie V. Frostman says:

    Very humbling!

  2. Kathy Callahan says:

    Hazel’s quilts were amazing! I really liked Winter as well.

    How do folks feel about the quilts where a photograph was printed on cloth and the thread painting was added? They are amazing to see because of their realism but it kind of makes me think of paint by number compared to other quilts that may be painted and then have thread painting or micro fusing and thread play.

  3. Linda Armenti says:

    Winter is amazing. I’d love to see it in person.

  4. Hi Lori:
    Thank you for posting my quilt, “Winter” to the QN blog — and for the nice comments…I appreciate it.
    Laurie Weiner

  5. Jeanette says:

    I would love to make a quilt like the baby quilt from 1860 pictured above, gorgeous!!! Anyone have a pattern for this quilt?

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