Third Time’s a Charm (I Hope)

We’ve moved a lot. I’m pretty good at it. I have a system and the system works well for me.

I remember once years ago, when I commented (or more likely complained) about how much work it was to move, my husband said, “It’s not that bad, it’s just a couple of big days.” What?!? I pointed out that I spend a month before moving day packing and 6 months after putting things away and then not liking where they are and moving them to a different spot until I finally get it right.

Well, that’s what happened with my sewing room in the new apartment. We moved the end of August and I shared with you my sewing space – I love it – it’s a bedroom that we have as a dedicated sewing space. We seldom have overnight company so the bed is mostly a place to store quilts. You can read my blog post here to see photos of the first attempt at organizing my sewing room.

Several things didn’t work well. I couldn’t get to the design wall, I didn’t like the ironing board in the middle of what little floor space there was and it was too dark to sew at night. There is just one little light fixture in the room and it’s more for mood lighting than for actually being able to see.

I don’t have photos of the next step. I slid the armoire closer to the shelf unit and turned the bed 90° so I could hang my design wall (flannel fabric hung from a curtain rod). I put the ironing board in front of the design wall. The design wall fell after only a few days. That wall is a block wall and for some reason the hooks for the curtain rod wouldn’t stay up. And I added two lamps so I could see.

Then, for weeks, since there was no design wall, I just used the bed when I needed to lay something out. It didn’t work well because our dog (a Jack Russell terrier mix) likes to “help” when I’m sewing so she would jump in the middle of whatever I’d laid out.

Last weekend one of our sons took us to Home Depot in his pickup so we could get what we needed for my new design wall. We bought 2 sheets of foam board 2” x 4’ x 8’. Yesterday, we hung them up and moved the furniture again and I think we may finally have it. I’ll have to sew in my space a couple of times to see how it works.

I know that designers tell you to distribute the furniture so all the heavy pieces are not on one wall and I know that makes it more visually appealing but my room just didn’t work that way. So now we have all the furniture on one wall. I can use the surface of the bed as an extension to my sewing surface when I am working on big quilts. And I can easily get to my design wall – all of it. It looks a little strange but it is more important to me that it be a usable space than a beautiful space. And I think when I have projects on the design wall; it will create the illusion of “weight” to balance the opposite wall.

Here’s the west wall of the room.

11 11 2013 sewing room 008 Third Time’s a Charm (I Hope)

My New Design Wall

This is the north wall.

11 11 2013 sewing room 009 Third Time’s a Charm (I Hope)

I still need to hang my Sunbonnet Sue curtains.

And here is the east wall.

11 11 2013 sewing room 011 Third Time’s a Charm (I Hope)

The three pieces of furniture are a perfect fit.













The south wall is a closet and the door to the hall. There’s nothing interesting there.

I can’t wait for this evening so I can sew in my sewing room and see if it works well.

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5 Responses to Third Time’s a Charm (I Hope)

  1. Lonormi Manuel says:

    I’m in the process of remodeling a bedroom into a sewing room, and I can identify with your layout issues!!

  2. carol debbout says:

    Having a dedicated sewing space is great! Mine serves as a guest room too
    when needed. We purchased a day bed, but we just might sell that & get a
    Murphy bed. More room for me to sew, & more comfy bed for
    guests when they do arrive.

  3. Bev Getschel says:

    Thanks for sharing your sewing room photo.
    I am very lucky, I have had a room dedicated to sewing for about 25 years, I do have a hide-a-bed in there and occasionally need to move the cutting table out to use as a guest room.

  4. Jerilyn says:

    Thank you for sharing your sewing room set up. I too have recently taken over a room so that I have a dedicated space for sewing and I love it. We have an unfinished basement, so I have half of a half and is set up similarly to yours. I have used 1″ pink foam insulation on the wall and covered it with batting for my design wall. My design wall is approx 8′ x 9′. I also covered some 1″ x 4″ x 6′ boards with material and my hubby hung them for me and put nails in them so that I can hang my rulers, patterns, etc. That would be something that could be done in a bedroom/dedicated sewing room. I like how you used the bookcases with the bins for storing your material. That is the one part I am lacking yet, material storage. I just might have to use your idea!!! Thanks again for posting!

  5. Mary Jane Gilmore says:

    My first sewing room was a bedroom like that. Everything was fine as compared to setting everything up on the dinning room table and having to put everything away when time was up. I used the bed to lay out patterns,fabrics and such. One day my son came home while I was at work everything that was on the bed went on the table that I used for my sewing machine in one pile. I have no bed in my sewing room right now.

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