To Make Tiny Diamonds

Several weeks ago, I told you about the cool necklace that I was allowed to keep after we cleared out the Quilters Newsletter archive. While looking through old QN issues for a different assignment, I came across the necklace’s original appearance in Quilters Newsletter. From 1977! Here’s the page on which it was featured.

necklacelayout To Make Tiny Diamonds

Fun & Fashion with quilt Designs from Quilters Newsletter #93, July/August 1977

If only that cat had been sleeping in the archive cupboard too! I mentioned my plan to turn the necklace into lovely little Christmas tree ornaments, which hasn’t happened yet, but there was some interest in hearing more about how to make the necklace itself. While we don’t have an officially written pattern for it, I can explain how to go about making your very own.

The diamonds all finish at 1″. At home, I have a 60-degree diamond ruler that makes it very easy to cut diamonds accurately, but you don’t need a specialty ruler to cut the patches if you don’t have one. If you cut 1 1/2″ strips, you can align the 60-degree mark of your ruler with the edge of your strip. Cut 1 1/2″ segments at a 60-degree angle.

cutting To Make Tiny Diamonds

Cut 1 1/2″ segments at a 60-degree angle

You will need 6 diamonds for each star. Join the six diamond segments as seen on the necklace by hand or machine. If you want your star to be double-sided, join another six segments then join the stars, right sides together, making sure to leave an opening so you can turn the star right side out and stuff it. If you’d like the back of the star to be a single fabric, simply trace your pieced star to make a template. Join the single fabric back to the front of the star in the same way described above. Make 3 stars.

Stuff the stars with fiberfil and slipstitch to close the opening. The original necklace was hand-quilted after it was stuffed, along the seams. To make the individual diamonds, join 2 diamond segments, right sides together, leaving a space to turn it right side out and stuff. Slipstitch the opening closed after it’s been stuffed. Make 6 stuffed diamonds.

Now you can string everything together with needle and thread. The round beads of the necklace are made of wood and the longer bugle-type beads are plastic. String the diamonds, stars and beads together as seen in the photo or as desired. You’re done!

If you make anything like this, we’d love to see it! Sometimes it’s great to make a little, quick, satisfying project for fun or for gifts. Also, please let me know if there are any questions about these instructions.

We love hearing from our readers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and our website. Check out our YouTube channel too! Happy quilting and have a fabulous weekend, everybody!

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3 Responses to To Make Tiny Diamonds

  1. Jessica Troian says:

    Thanks for this! I’d forgotten about the necklace, but am loving the idea of making some ornaments. Looks like a fun project to do with my kids, too. Cheers!

  2. Pamela Jones says:

    This is so cool. I am definitely gonna try to make this necklace.

  3. Glenna Denman says:

    Tanks for those instructions. What a fun necklace to wear to guild meetings and other quilty events!

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