Quilty Ideas

Today I have a couple of ideas of ways quiltmakers can use their orphan blocks.

The first is a simple vest. It started with the rose embroidery on a quilted fabric. It was a sample to see how the rose stitched out and because it came out beautifully, I added a couple more fabrics to make the front panels for this vest.

quilty ideas 004 2 Quilty Ideas

Rose Vest

You can use your favorite vest pattern. It is easier if there are no darts because of the bulk of the seams.

The second vest uses traditional blocks. I purchased this vest a number of years ago at a quilt show and I love the idea.

quilty ideas 003 2 Quilty Ideas

Pinwheel Block Vest

Again, notice that there are no darts.

This third vest is my very favorite. My sister figured out how to make crazy quilt patchwork long before I did. I have three crazy quilt vests she made.

quilty ideas 005 2 Quilty Ideas

The Duck Vest

My family calls my sister Aunt Duck so I have to show you one special button on this vest. It makes me smile every time I wear the vest.

quilty ideas 006 2 Quilty Ideas

The Duck Button

If you don’t want to make a garment, make a mug rug. This little block is ready for the binding, then I’ll have a great little mug rug.

quilty ideas 007 2 Quilty Ideas

This is a small block approximately 6″ square.

One other fun use for orphan blocks is potholders. Just use a heat-resistant batting like Insul-bright in addition to the regular batting.

quilty ideas 008 2 Quilty Ideas

Potholders are good gifts.

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3 Responses to Quilty Ideas

  1. mary oddan says:

    Take several, add borders and donate for a baby or kid.

  2. Diane H says:

    Very cute.

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