Present Report, Part 3

So there were Christmas tree ornaments and coasters in my previous reports. Here’s another fun project I made in December to give as a gift. Have you seen those cool zippers with the decorative zipper tape? I had a great black-and-white polka dot zipper and just enough of this neat black-and-white fabric to make a small zippered baggie. There was even less of the white-and-black fabric but it was enough to make a matching Eye Candy Glasses Case, which is patterned in our Best Christmas Quilts 2013 issue, available at the Quilt & Sew Shop.

bagclosed Present Report, Part 3

Glasses case and bag. They don’t want to be split up.

Since I just had scraps of fabric without a lot of selvedge, I don’t have the information about what fabric this is and who made it. I’m sorry. I won’t go into the construction of the glasses cases since that pattern is written and available if you want it. I didn’t use a pattern to make the bag.

I cut two rectangles of fabric, about 7 1/2″ length x 12 1/2″ width. The zipper is an 8″ zipper but I wanted a little more dimension in the bag so I planned on making small pleats on either side. The length was determined by how much fabric I had. I also cut lining fabric in the same dimensions and quantity.

The sides and bottom were joined, right sides together, for both the outer fabric and the lining fabric. I wanted box corners on the bottom so I marked the corners of both outer fabric and lining to create those, then I fused batting to the lining to create a bit of structure (I cut the batting so there wouldn’t be any in the box corners.). The box corners were stitched and then I joined the lining and outer bag at the top, right sides together, making sure to leave a space to turn the whole thing right side out. I like a clean finish on both the inside and outside of a bag, so I take the trouble to make that happen.

So now the bag is basically a rectangular bucket. I did a bit of quilting to keep all the layers together. I stitched the decorative zipper to the outside of the top, both sides. I created the pleats I planned for on either side of the zipper and stitched one of them closed by hand, since the bulk was by now too much for my machine. I made a little loop on the other side with bias binding, also sewn by hand. It was pretty simple but the details make me wish I had taken more photos as I was working.

bagopen Present Report, Part 3

Sometimes you just want to put a case inside a bag.

I think bags are one of the best gifts to make, because they are fast and fun, have a ton of variations and styles, and the recipient can put just about anything inside! I have another decorative zipper, a camouflage one, that I can’t wait to use. It will be put on a bag, I think, but the style and construction will be way different to maximize my learning and enjoyment. Any suggestions?

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  1. Marty Knutson says:

    way cool

  2. Nansi Sparks says:

    Great ideas!

  3. Pauline Baita says:

    I like this glass case!

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