Nancy Zieman — Determined to Succeed

“If something is worthwhile, you have to work for it.” — Nancy Zieman’s motto

 Nancy Zieman    Determined to SucceedSeams Unlikely, Nancy Zieman’s autobiography was recently released and we’re happy to participate in this blog tour celebrating the release.

I first met Nancy Zieman several years ago when I was editor of a trade magazine. Though we knew each other, we never worked on a project together. I did, though, keep tabs on what she was up to. After all, she was, and still is, an icon in the quilting and sewing world.

Fast forward several years to 2009 when I began working as an independent consultant for Clover, manufacturer of quality quilting, sewing, needlework and craft supplies. That’s where I once again crossed paths with Nancy. Clover offers a wide variety of products under the Nancy Zieman name and I was fortunate to be invited to meetings where Nancy proposed ideas for new products. Her creativity never ceased to amaze me.

I’ve gotten to know Nancy better over the last five years and I can honestly say she is as “normal” as they come. She’s down-to-earth, humble, gracious and kind. As she says, “I live a pretty quiet life; part of my life just happens to include a job on television.” That’s a pretty humble statement.

Reading Seams Unlikely gave me so much more insight into her as a “normal” person and business woman. Having learned that she grew up on a farm, I now know how she persevered and succeeded in life – both personally and professionally. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I grew up in a farming community and I know how tough farmers are and how they sometimes struggle yet manage to survive and love what they do. And they continue the battle day in and day out. The resilience of farmers is to be admired, as is Nancy’s resilience to overcome hardships, such as Bell’s palsy.

Nancy’s farming background surely contributed to her drive and her desire to be a success. She played the hand she was dealt and she didn’t let adversity get in the way. Today she’s a resounding success in business and in life.

To enter to win a copy of Seams Unlikely, leave a comment on Nancy Zieman’s February 4th Seams Unlikely Blog Tour posting.

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