Sochi Olympics banners as quilt inspiration

map 600x339 Sochi Olympics banners as quilt inspiration

The 2014 Winter Olympics ended on Sunday but their impact on the quilting world continues to reverberate thanks to the patchwork-inspired, rainbow-colored official posters and banners designed for the games by Russian fashion group Bosco.

While there are those who question the reasoning behind the use of patchwork/quilting imagery typically associated with the U.S. and U.K. to brand the Russian games, there is no doubt the motifs used as the fabric prints come from traditional Russian folk crafts. On her blog graphicart-news, Maria Papaefstathiou offers a breakdown of the different motifs shown in each diamond alongside the crafts that inspired them.

sochi+patchwork+banners+2014 Sochi Olympics banners as quilt inspiration

Michele Bilyeu, on her blog With Heart and Hands, offered some ideas for how you might make your own Sochi quilt. Click here to read more.

125521420141849 Sochi Olympics banners as quilt inspiration

When Bali Met Sochi pattern from Hoffman Fabrics

Meanwhile, Hoffman Fabrics came up with a free quilt pattern inspired by the Sochi quilt, When Bali Met Sochi.

And over at the Play Crafts blog, Anne Sullivan was inspired to raid her stash to find prints that would work in her own Sochi-inspired quilt. You can see what she chose here.

What about you? If you found any special quilt inspiration from the Winter Olympics we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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5 Responses to Sochi Olympics banners as quilt inspiration

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  2. Lyn Brown says:

    Love those Sochi banners! Couldn’t get them out of my mind til I designed my own quilt and posted it on Craftsy where it has been the No. 1 free design much of this week!
    Check out my post and see the design:

  3. Ramona hays says:

    I love the banners and the fabric . Does anyone know where you can get the fabric?

  4. Mary Kate Karr-Petras says:

    Hi Ramona,

    As far as I know the Sochi patchwork design is not commercially available on fabric. But I’ll keep my eyes out in case any manufacturer decides to print it!

  5. Banners says:

    Wow this is awesome. I would love to create something with the Sochi designs.

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