Unclaimed Prizes

Quilters Newsletter loves to give away great prizes, including but not limited to fabrics, notions and copies of our special issues. We love to celebrate our milestones (like the recent jump in Facebook fans to over 75,000), we love to share things we think are special in our current issues (like the Downton Abbey fabric collection from Andover Fabrics in our February/March 2014 issue) and we love to let you in on new happenings in the quilting industry (like Pixie Party from RJR fabrics), but we get really sad when our randomly chosen winners don’t respond to our congratulatory emails, and we’re left sitting with these great prizes which could use great homes.

So please, to make both us and yourselves happy, please add questions@qnm.com to your “safe senders” lists in your emails if you’ve ever entered one of our giveaways, or if you ever plan to. If you’ve gotten a congratulatory email, it will have come from questions@qnm.com and have either “Quilters Newsletter blog giveaway” or “Quilters Newsletter blog tour giveaway” in the subject line. If you’re one of those not-yet-happy randomly chosen winners who haven’t replied to our first or second attempts at congratulatory emails, we sent a third message this morning. And please, check your SPAM folders. Things like “you won” or even “congratulations” sometimes get tossed aside as junk immediately because of all the hoaxes out there, but we can assure you from here at the QN Blog, if we have emailed you that you won, it is not a hoax.

Because we really do love giving away great prizes, if you are one of those not-yet-happy winners who we’ve sent a third attempt to and you don’t respond to this morning’s email or one of our previous attempts at congratulations on or before Monday, March 17, 2014, then your prize will be considered forfeited, and another winner will be randomly selected.

And now that you’ve all checked your inboxes, SPAM, and junk folders, if you weren’t one of those lucky but not-yet-happy randomly selected winners, please direct yourself to the giveaway which is still going on, the Downton Abbey fabric collections from Andover Fabrics giveaway. You have until Sunday March 9 at 11:59PM Mountain Daylight Time to enter. Good luck!

And as always, check out our website to keep up with what’s in our current issue, and be sure to follow Quilters Newsletter on your social networking site(s) of choice: FacebookTwitterGoogle+InstagramPinterest and even YouTube!

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Caitlin Dickey is the editorial assistant for Quilters Newsletter.
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36 Responses to Unclaimed Prizes

  1. Timothy says:

    Ok i will

  2. anna brown says:

    ok i did i think lol…

  3. jackie says:

    Thanks, I will check

  4. Karen Novina says:

    just checking to be sure

  5. Sandra post says:

    Didn’t see my name, but would love to win Downton Abbey’s fabric collection!

  6. Monica says:

    darn, nothing in my junk folder from you. *sniff*

  7. I hope I was dumb enough not to know I was a winner! :-)

  8. Anne Guffey says:

    If you would use Quilters Newsletter winner in subject line that would help. I can’t tell you how many Congratulations emails from foreign scammers! Thanks!

  9. Dennis Duggan says:

    I will check but my provider doesn’t filter anything by the amount of junk mail I receive!!!

  10. susan Bass says:


  11. Yessant Habetz says:

    I would have loved to have seen that I had won.

  12. Monique says:

    I would gladly claim an unclaimed prize! (Just kidding)

  13. Marilyn S says:

    thanks!! love what you do!!

  14. I will check my messages. Maybe I’m a winner.

  15. Jodie says:

    I’m heading there right now and crossing my fingers for the next giveaway.

  16. Sharon Sanchez says:

    You must say “quilters Newsletter” or it goes to spam. You have to identify yourself. Congratulations is on every scam there is

  17. Kim Leachman says:

    I will check…It would make my day to find one!!!

  18. Debbie Ciak says:

    why not just tell us who won what? if you sent an email that looks like spam I for one have deleted it….

  19. thanks for the info

  20. Debbie Wood says:

    Thanks for the info, will check asap

  21. Susan says:

    I checked everything and nope…nothing there…ps love the magazine!

  22. Didn’t find anything in my email.

  23. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I checked and didn’t find anything, but I’ll put my name in for the unclaimed items that you will have to redraw from. So much fun.

  24. Connie Johanson says:

    I love 2nd chances to win beautiful fabric. I checked my email, spam, etc. and found nothing so I am now hoping again to win.

  25. I would love to win the fabric!!!!

  26. Maria Laurence says:

    Are the names posted anywhere else?

  27. I think when prizes are unclaim that they should redraw names. Because there are a lot of persons that quilt that enter and never win .As many times I enter different
    fabric giveaways Never win. But I know not everyone wins. Thanks for listening.

  28. Jessica Troian says:

    Done and done. Thanks!

  29. Sharie says:

    Just love all the fabric in that line. And would be thrilled to win either collection. Thanks for chance to win !

  30. Diane Lindberg says:

    Can’t check my one old email as it was hacked and now I can’t even get in to read anything on it. Old email was tiny4cat@msn.com. Makes me mad if I was on the list.

  31. Chris says:

    So sad hope they show up after reading this.

  32. Mary K Buman says:

    i love your magazine

  33. Kathy says:

    Nothing in my junk box… Hope the winners find their notices in time, the collections are lovely.

  34. sharon says:

    vague addresses can be confusing. I have checked and do not find you!

  35. Linda says:

    Would love to win a quilting prize.

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