A Celtic Quilt for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we’re all wearing at least a touch of the requisite green. Some of us are thinking of traditional Irish dishes for dinner tonight.

In fact, many of us have been celebrating all weekend with parades, parties and food. Have you ever noticed how food is a big part of holiday celebrations? We had a wonderful Irish dinner last night with our oldest son and our daughter-in-law who both like to cook. We went over to their house for corned beef and cabbage, which is a traditional meal in the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day.

When we got home I made soda bread for our Irish potluck here at work. Then I started thinking about how I could incorporate “Irish” into my blog today and thought of the perfect quilt to talk about.

Pink Celtic Knots 001 2 A Celtic Quilt for St. Patrick’s Day

Pink Celtic Knots

According to the label, I made Pink Celtic Knots in 2009. What an unimaginative name! But I like the quilt very much. And it’s my husband’s favorite, pink and all. It’s a wall quilt about 45” square.

It’s not a hard quilt so I’ll tell you a bit about it.

Pink Celtic Knots 005 2 A Celtic Quilt for St. Patrick’s Day

Prairie Braid

The prairie braids were made from 2½” strips. The braids are 7½” wide. I recently read a great hint about making braids: If you start with a square of fabric and sew your strips to the square, it will ensure the correct 90 degree angle.

Pink Celtic Knots 004 2 A Celtic Quilt for St. Patrick’s Day

These Celtic Designs Make the Quilt.

The light pink fabric strips with the Celtic designs are 5½” wide. I used bias strips stitched into tubes then turned the tubes to make the Celtic designs. I stitched down both sides of the tubes with a straight stitch and matching threads. I got the pattern for the Celtic designs from Beth Ann Williams’ book Celtic Quilts, A New Look for Ancient Designs (Martingale, 2000).

When I quilted, I outlined the Celtic designs to make them stand out more; it gives them more dimension. I stitched in the ditch down the middle of the prairie braids. That’s all. There isn’t a lot of quilting on this quilt.

Pink Celtic Knots 006 2 A Celtic Quilt for St. Patrick’s Day

As Always, a Pieced Back

The back is pieced from leftover fabric from the front of the quilt. The label is a bit of the Celtic design that was leftover. But it’s a little strange. Evidently I didn’t like the name then either. The label just has my name and the year on the label. No title for the quilt, no city or state. I wonder what I was thinking. Maybe it’s not too late to give this quilt a better name. If you have an idea for one, I’d love to hear it.

Now it’s time to get to other things. My desk is still pretty cluttered, so I’ll get to that and you can check us out on our website and our YouTube channel as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Google+Pinterest and Instagram.

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12 Responses to A Celtic Quilt for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Wish I was that good of a quilter. Love the colors.

  2. lidia marini says:

    like it very much ,the Celtic design is good idea and I will use it thank you

  3. Jennifer Frye says:

    I left a message with the picture on your Facebook page–how about “Irish Rose Quilt”–it incorporates the Celtic design and the color palette.

  4. Dawn M Stevenson says:

    I love the quilt. I will have to try one. In reference to the previous comment, what is an Irish Rose quilt????

  5. patricia says:

    PINK PASSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. I won that e-book from Martingale. I totally need to start making quilts from the book. I’ve taught myself to make Celtic bias appliqué from reading books like this.
    The pink would have worked great with Celtic knots shaped in hearts!

  7. Barbara Sikich says:

    I love it and a green one would be nice

  8. Dennis Duggan says:

    How about Celtic journey?

  9. Sue Cleek says:

    Love it!!

  10. QuiltinGram says:

    Wild Irish Girl or Celtic Girl

  11. cathy daniel says:

    It’s a lovely quilt – maybe a name like ‘Top o’ the Morning’ would be more appropriate! ;)

  12. Lori Baker says:

    I always love it when I ask for suggestions for names. You have such good ideas! Thank you to all of you who have given me possible names for the quilt.

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