Flannel Quilt Finished

I quilted and bound the flannel quilt top that I recently blogged about, so I thought I’d share. It’s nothing very fancy or complicated since I wanted to finish it quickly. Complex quilting is always beautiful and appealing but for a quilt that is intended to be used for comfort and warmth, it’s not necessary, so I went with simple straight line quilting that follows the piecing, along with plenty of stitch in the ditch.

oregontrail1 Flannel Quilt Finished

Oregon Trail finished

oregontrail2 Flannel Quilt Finished

Close up of the quilting. Spacing courtesy of the adjustable guide on my walking foot.

I also found the perfect binding, which works well to unify all the various colors and patterns of flannel on the quilt top. It brings out the pale greens, browns and even the dark blue of the borders! Plus the print has similar small dotted elements just like some of the prints in the quilt top.

oregontrail3 Flannel Quilt Finished

Best choice for binding

I figured flannel binding might get very bulky, especially at the corners, so I just went with a nice cotton. I scored the binding fabric at my local thrift store. It also happens to be the same binding that I used for the big block baby quilt that I made a while back. It was perfect for that quilt too.

oregontrail4 Flannel Quilt Finished

Back. Semi pieced. Looking more red than it really is.

oregontrail5 Flannel Quilt Finished

You can see the quilting a bit better from the back.

There wasn’t quite enough of the backing fabric, but I was able to make do, as quilters generally do.

oregontrail6 Flannel Quilt Finished

Everything works together, except for me holding my phone still to take the photo.

The binding manages to work well with the backing fabric too.

It’s always very satisfying to complete a quilt, even if you give it away immediately! I wish I could give this one in person, but I’ll be sending it off this weekend. I hope the recipient likes it as much as I do!

I hope you’re finishing quilts left and right! If not, I hope you’re enjoying the process of making one or more. If only we had more time, imagine all the projects we could complete! But as it is, all we quilters can do is keep working, though there are a number of tips and tricks to make the process more fast and fun. Read about them here and here. We also offer plenty of quilty inspiration and information on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and our website. Happy quilting weekend!

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9 Responses to Flannel Quilt Finished

  1. Jodi Connors says:

    I think this is fabulous. This is my kind of fabric! Great Quilt!


  2. Debra Revay says:


  3. Hermien Dave says:

    A great quilt, even my husband loves the quilt , but he is a hunter ;-) ;-);-) love from Holland .

  4. Kitty Askins says:

    It is just what my husband has been wanting me to make him forever? Please don’t let him see it!

  5. Marilyn Martin says:

    Altough intricately quilted quilts are beautiful, I actually like this type best.

  6. Dayle Harmon says:

    I was delighted to see the flannel quilt. I just finished a scrap quilt and put a flannel back on it for its ” snugability”.

  7. Coleen Robinson says:

    Flannel is such a great fabric to work with and every time is gets washed it’s better. Beautiful quilt and great job quilting too. thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks very cuddly. Beautiful

  9. Trudge Pitkin says:

    Is there a pattern for this quilt?

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