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Usually I blog about my quilting/sewing hobby. Although I spent more than 18 hours this weekend sewing, I don’t have a quilt to show you today. The quilt I’m working on is for a video shoot later this week so I don’t get to even let you peek at it. But I’ll show you later. It’s really quite nice.

Reading is another of my hobbies. Since I can’t show you what I’ve been sewing, I thought I’d tell you about what I’m reading. Lots and lots of books come into our office and sometimes one really catches my eye. That’s the case this week. The QN staff was talking about new books and I found two I wanted to look at more closely.

002 2 New Books

Ways to Work Faster

Cathy Busch’s Newfangled Piecing, Faster and Easier (AQS Publishing, 2014) was a book I wanted to look at in depth. You know me; I’m all about things that make my sewing go faster so the title made me curious. Busch has an interesting way of breaking blocks and quilts apart that really will make the construction go more quickly. As I read her book, I kept thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” She explains the math well so it is easy to do her suggested changes to simplify the blocks.  Most of the first half of the book is spent teaching the technique so the reader can apply the principles to other quilts and quilt blocks besides the ones shown in the book. The book includes 11 projects. At the end of the book are a number of charts like Fraction Decimal Equivalents, Squares Per Fat Quarter (in sizes from 1” to 10”), Cutting Sizes for Side and Corner Setting Triangles (and the formula for figuring them) and Quilt Sizes. I like this book lots. I’ll have to read it again more carefully so I can get the processes imbedded in my brain.

004 2 New Books

Pretty Quilts, Pretty Homes

American Homestead Quilts by Ellen Murphy (C&T Publishing, 2014) was the other book I took home for a second look. It has lovely photography and features nine different house styles and quilts to go with them. The houses pictured are wonderful. I wanted to know more about them but then it wouldn’t be a quilting book, would it? The projects are nice. They are all small wall quilts or throws, so the time commitment wouldn’t be huge. I’d love to carve out enough time to make a couple of them.

Now, speaking of videotaping, we’re gearing up for three days in the studio this week so there are things I need to tend to.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and our website for the latest information and for inspiration for your next project.

Happy quilting!

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161 Responses to New Books

  1. Helen Carter says:

    My second favorite hobby is writing in the winter months and gardening in the spring, summer, and fall months. I volunteer at the Worcester public library on Fridays. I was chairman of our green exchange at the Unitarian Universalist Church for three years. Quilting is a family tradition as well as other needlecrafts including crocheting embroidering and knitting. I love to make quilts. I’m a retired medical doctor who closed her private practice in August and have devoted most of my time currently to quilting for family members. I would like to get a grant to develop a barn quilt Trail in Massachusetts.

  2. Marty says:

    Cooking — I love to cook and that comes second to the quilts I make — but always time for inspired cooking and baking!

  3. Deborah Woodlock says:

    My second favorite hobby is machine embroidery which can also be incorporated into quilting, as well as sewing. I also enjoy researching the fabric, magazine, and any other craft related website for ideas and inspiration.

  4. Diane Wright says:

    It is very hard to think of anything but quilting, it is my absolutely favorite thing. I truly enjoy a few hours in the garden and home canning and freezing.

  5. Debby Rowe Gregory says:

    My second favorite hobby is two-fold, cross stitching while watching cooking shows!!

  6. Cheri Church says:

    My second favorite hobby is decorating. I have a secret to share: I listen to audiobooks while I am doing hobbies….or working… support my hobbies.

  7. Marilyn Stiller says:

    If I do not have something to sew I love to read.

  8. Eileen Ross says:

    My number 2 hobby is crocheting. While watching my favorite tv shows, I keep my hands busy:)

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  10. Valerie Wilson says:

    My favorite thing to do when I am not quilting is Pottery. I have thrown pottery on a wheel since 1991.

  11. Nancy Anson says:

    I read historical fiction. I especially love to read about women, quilting and their lives.

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