More About the Serger Quilt

I’m a bit of a freak about having things organized in my office so on Fridays, I try to spend some time working on sorting and arranging, just making things neat and tidy. This past Friday, I was working on a file drawer with lots of old quilting patterns. I found several machine quilting patterns from Hari Walner from the early 1990s. I was intrigued. I checked online and found she has a couple of books published by C&T Publishing.

025 2 More About the Serger Quilt

These Are the Patterns

Last week I talked about my serger quilt and how I was just going to quilt it simply. Well, the more I had looked at it, the less I liked that plan. It needed some pretty quilting. So when I found these patterns, I thought the serger quilt would be a perfect place to experiment with them.

I spent a while photocopying patterns so they are all about the same size.  Then I simply pinned the paper patterns in place and quilted though them. I use a 100/16 needle so it makes bigger holes in the paper so it’s easier to tear away. I like these patterns because even though they look complex, they are all one continuous line.

024 2 More About the Serger Quilt

Pinned and Ready to Quilt

I intend to quilt only about ½ of the squares in my quilt and have eight to go before the quilting will be done except for correcting an “oops”.

026 2 More About the Serger Quilt

The Whole Quilt

The “oops” makes me nuts because I just didn’t think. I quilted a larger design on-point in the 4 center squares. I used gold thread on top and navy thread in the bobbin. I quilted just a little bit of the design and then I checked the tension. I even pulled a bit of the paper off to make sure all was well. The only problem is that I started quilting in the blue square. The tension was off just a hair but since I was looking at the blue square, I didn’t see it. I should have started on one of the lighter colored squares where the problem would have been obvious.

014 2 More About the Serger Quilt

Detail of the Center

I’ll be spending several evenings unquilting this center. I’ll quilt it again with navy thread on top as well as in the bobbin. That is what I did on the rest of the quilt and I’m mostly pleased. I will be taking out the straight rows of diagonal stitching. I just didn’t like them for this quilt.

013 2 More About the Serger Quilt

Here’s Quilting on Four of the Squares

I used the same design for all 4 corners for some continuity but the other designs are just an assortment I wanted to try.

018 2 More About the Serger Quilt

This is the Design in the Corner Squares

All in all, this whole project is making me smile. It was supposed to be quick and easy (and putting the quilt together was). But I just couldn’t carry through with that idea on the quilting. It must be my artistic side kicking in. I like it so much better now than I did with just the straight line quilting.

And next Friday, I’m going to spend more time cleaning in that file drawer to see what else I can find.

But for now, I should take advantage of my clean desk and get to work. For the latest information and for inspiration for your next project, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and our website.

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2 Responses to More About the Serger Quilt

  1. Jessica Troian says:

    Beautiful and informative – I always learn something new. The quilt will look awesome – I like the fancy quilting on it. It adds an extra dimension of interest.

  2. Becky (central oregon) says:

    My Mama made a lot of easy block quilts with the serger and leftover fabrics from slipcovers and drapes. She had her own shop. every quilt was tied and 50 years later still being found on beds and in the back of cars for car quilts.

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