Denver National Quilt Festival IX

Mancuso Show Management is presenting Denver National Quilt Festival IX May 1 – 4, 2014 at the Denver Merchandise Mart, and Quilters Newsletter has sponsored a ribbon, the Quilters Newsletter Editors’ Choice Award. Mancuso was generous enough to let the entire Quilters Newsletter staff view the quilts yesterday before the show in order to allow us to pick our favorite. And the ribbon goes to Portlandia by Mary Kay Price.

MancusoRibbon Denver National Quilt Festival IX

It was very hard to choose the ribbon winner. There are so many gorgeous and well-made quilts at the Denver National Quilt Festival this year, and each member of the QN staff had a different favorite quilt. But Portlandia caught the attention of all of us for a number of reasons.

Portlandia Denver National Quilt Festival IX

We love the composition – while it’s clearly an aerial view, it also works very well as an abstract image. The pieced city blocks draw you in and keep you engaged with the quilt as there are always more interesting details to discover in those small areas! We also appreciate that it uses basic constructions techniques – machine piecing and quilting – so it’s made like a traditional quilt though it doesn’t look like one. We also liked that it has a slightly modern aspect to it and loved that it is instantly identifiable as a waterway and city streets. The construction is very nicely done and the colors used are wonderful.

Check out these details!

Portdet1 Denver National Quilt Festival IX


Portdet2 Denver National Quilt Festival IX

And here’s the quilt with the ribbon, though it was actually moved towards the front of the quilt section after we took this photograph, and the ribbon is now on the right rather than the left:

PortlandiawRibbon Denver National Quilt Festival IX

Want to learn more about the Denver National Quilt Festival IX? Check out their website HERE.

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6 Responses to Denver National Quilt Festival IX

  1. mary oddan says:

    Modern, yet some thing I recognise.

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  3. Barbara McKenzie says:

    It’s also instantly recognizable as Portland! Good job!

  4. jane d says:

    Beautiful & unique!

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