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Happy Fourth of July! A fun way to celebrate the holiday is to give away some free quilting stuff! We’ve got a fun little gift that’s full of happiness, nice quilts, celebration and a bit of red, white and blue. Would you like to know more?

fourthgiveaway Celebrate Giveaway!

Two incredible books and an amazing bag in which to store them. I hope you win!

There are two beautiful books from Schiffer Publishing, Eagle Motifs in America by Susan E. Wildemuth and Creating Celebration Quilts by Cyndi Souder. In Eagle Motifs in America, Wildemuth asked a variety of quilters to create eagle quilts inspired by different decades in American history, from 1770 to the present day. The different techniques used make for an amazing range of quilts, and the stories make for fascinating reading. It’s a really nice book that is sure to inspire.

Creating Celebration Quilts is all about making quilts to commemorate and celebrate life events. Souder guides the reader through the creative process for making quilts meant to be treasured keepsakes. Learn how to incorporate personalized elements that evoke memories, and get motivated by looking at the large gallery of celebration quilts of all kinds.

You can store these two great books in a lovely, large, handy tote bag from C&T Publishing. It features detail images of two quilts made for the Quilted in Honor program, a partnership between quilters, the quilting industry and the charity Operation Homefront, sponsored by Island Batik. The quilts pictured on the bag are Spinwheels by Angela Walters and Remember by Barbara Persing and Mary Hoover. The bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and is a great for storing and transporting quilt projects-in-progress or as an all-purpose tote.

To enter to win the books and bag, leave a comment on this post below telling us what your celebration quilt would celebrate, if you made one. Comments must be entered by 11:59 PM Mountain Time, Sunday July 6th, 2014. Open to anyone worldwide who has not won anything from Quilters Newsletter in the past 90 days. If you are randomly selected as a winner, the email will come from questions@qnm.com (or its new variation QNMquestions@fwmedia.com) with “Quilters Newsletter blog giveaway” in the subject line.

As always, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and our website for all the latest news and giveaways. We wish you all a very happy and safe Fourth of July!

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238 Responses to Celebrate Giveaway!

  1. JANE Swaim says:

    My husband retired after 33 years in the AF and I’ve been looking to make him a quilt to celebrate that time. This would help a lot!

  2. Susan Blank says:

    I would celebrate the freedom I have to practice my faith and choose my life’s work – including graduating from seminary at the age of 63!

  3. Kathy DePauw says:

    I would love to finish the eagle themed quilt I have started appliqueing! More ideas for the finish of it would be much appreciated. Happy July everyone.

  4. Evelyn B says:

    I would celebrate freedom. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Kimberly Dailey says:

    Would make a quilt for my son who served over seas

  6. Libby Mahaffey-Haytas says:

    My quilt would be a celebration of those that have fought to keep our country the best in the world. I would donate to my local VA hospital…………….

  7. Marcia Ford says:

    I would celebrate the fact that I have outlived the doctor’s prediction, and am doing well.

  8. Robin Gundersen says:

    I would love to make one for my daughter to celebrate what a wonderful teacher she is and the children she works with.

  9. Sarah V says:

    I would make a quilt to celebrate my family tree — the generations that have come before me and my children who continue the line.

  10. Nancy Barnhill says:

    I would make a series of wall quilts for special holidays to hang in the hallway of our new home.

  11. Celebrate my marriage! I have known my husband for 46 years and we will be married 40 years in November.

  12. Marilyn Zearbaugh says:

    I will make a quilt for my husband, a Korean War Veteran.

  13. I have several family members who have served our country. I would make a quilt trying to show all branches of service. Because if it were not for all of them we would not have the freedoms that we have. So a big thank you to all who served and to there families.

  14. Carol Martin says:

    My beautiful family

  15. Dorothy Le says:

    I am making a quilt celebrating my father’s life. I’m calling it his Garden of Life. He always lived to garden. The quilt is photos of his life surrounded by floral fabrics.
    I would love to win the bag. I always love books

  16. Margie B says:

    Every year for 30 years our family have donated their time to the joy of making and shooting the grand fireworks displays in Columbus wi and sun prairie wi

  17. Patty Swatzell says:

    I would make a celebration quilt of my son getting married July 5th. Beautiful outdoor wedding!

  18. Ann Flower says:

    I have a grandson serving in the navy and have been collecting RWB for a quilt for him.

  19. Donna W says:

    I live in the best country in the world—the USA, and I would celebrate it’s patriotism and freedom.

  20. Cheryl Hank says:

    Love to win for more inspiration now just need more hours in the day too

  21. Marie Robinson says:

    My quilt will celebrate our time living in America, and will honor the USA military who serve and protect this beautiful country.

  22. Sandy says:

    I would work a Marines theme into it for my grandson who recently enlisted.

  23. Carol Kemp says:

    I would love to make a memorial quilt honoring my father who was a disabled veteran.

  24. Patsy Parkey says:

    Preparing to make a QOV Quilt.

  25. patricia austin says:

    I love making quilts for celebration like new babies or weddings but I am going to make a Christmas Quilt some time and I keep making red white and blue quilts and wall hangings. I want to make a QOV so bad. it’s on my list of to do’s

  26. Peggy Nelson says:

    I would make a quilt to celebrate the amazing life we lead in this United States of America!! How blessed we are!!

  27. Quilting Jeannie says:

    That’s easy. My celebration quilt would celebrate our family. It would be colorful and everyone would be depicted individually.

  28. Sherill V says:

    I have made many to celebrate the birth of our grandchildren. Next I would make a quilt to celebrate our son’s marriage to a lovely lady!

  29. Pam says:

    My quilt would be an Ohio Star. My favorite quilt
    Block and where I was raised

  30. Nancy Potter says:

    My celebration quilt would revolve around family or something with school to commemorate my years as a teacher!

  31. peg says:

    I would celebrate life.

  32. I would make a quilt to celebratethe joy of life .

  33. Sharon Brown says:

    I think I’d make a Quilt of Valor to donate.

  34. Patty says:

    My celebration quilt would include appliques of my children and grandchildren!

  35. Lisa Bach says:

    I would celebrate the love of family. Those you were born with and those you gather along the way.

  36. Louise Schrijnemakers says:

    I would make a quilt together with my very dear (quilting) friend Gerie. We are actually planning on one “joint-quilt-by-mail”, where we add borders around a starting block, for each other one by one. Since me and my family had to move to Germany for work. To celebrate our friendship, that has not changed and never will!!!

  37. Linda v says:

    Freedom and family!

  38. Stacey Hulsizer says:

    A quilt to remind me of our much needed and long overdue vacation in Michigan.

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