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I’m In Houston!

Well, something that I made is in Houston. But, it’s not exactly a quilt. More of a little quilt. OK, a quilt block. I made a quilt block and sent it to the Star Block Challenge organized by astronaut Karen … Continue reading

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More from International Quilt Market 2014

If you follow any quilt-related social media at all, you know that International Quilt Market happened last weekend in Houston, and International Quilt Festival opened today. Just to clarify, Market is the trade show component and is mostly geared toward … Continue reading

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International Quilt Market Photos

I just can’t wait to share some photos with you. I know I don’t usually blog on Tuesday but I have too many wonderful photos to make you wait nearly a whole week for when I will post my next … Continue reading

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Snuggly Warm Wool Quilt

It’s Wednesday (the 22nd). I leave for International Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow and won’t be back in the office until next Tuesday. I’ve been working very hard at keeping my inbox empty so the team isn’t waiting for me … Continue reading

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Circular Detour

Even with all the excitement and bustle of everyone preparing for Market, I was able to take a little side trip away from thinking about quilts and making them, just for fun (and just for a bit. There’s a lot … Continue reading

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A Mistake? Or a Head Start?

Today, I have a funny story to tell you. I started my weekend knowing that I had a bunch of quiltmaking to do. I have a quilt to make for our upcoming Best Kids Quilts issue. The issue won’t be … Continue reading

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Quilting For Kids. Or With Kids. Or By Kids.

You know how I like to share information and products with everyone, so we all stay as informed as possible. I see a lot of books, gadgets and quilting-related paraphernalia come across my desk and sometimes I get a series … Continue reading

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Because We Love Halloween

This morning as I was pulling out of my garage, I heard the leaves crunching under my tires and got that little thrill of the autumn season. All the trees are still busy turning pretty colors and  it’s almost time … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Time for Market

You may recognize this as the Best of Show quilt from the 2013 International Quilt Association’s World of Beauty annual judged show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. It’s Chihuly’s Gondola by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, Texas. It’s a … Continue reading

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October – It’s That Time of Year

Breast cancer awareness is a big deal to me. This year, at the office, we’re raising awareness by decorating our nameplates. I’d been planning to do something this weekend so I had an idea “cooking” in my head. I am … Continue reading

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