So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!


Many of the techniques in quilting seem extremely complicated before you actually start doing them, but once you’ve attempted those same techniques a few times, they begin to seem a lot easier. Foundation piecing or paper piecing, applique, crazy quilting, English paper piecing, template piecing, art quilting … What would you add to this list? Mary Kate discussed her relationship with foundation piecing in her Weekend Workshop post a couple of weeks ago and Lori showed off a couple of paper pieced blocks in her post on The Farmer’s Wife on Monday. Applique and crazy quilting can both be seen as you walk into the Quilters Newsletter sewing studio in the form of two of the blocks the QN staff made round-robin style a few months ago when we were asked to make a QN block for a corporate quilt (neither of these blocks were chosen as “the one” to make it into that quilt):

FlowerBlock So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!This first block displays a bit of a a flying geese unit, curved piecing, strip quilting and an appliqued flower that was cut free-form following a design in the fabric’s pattern.

QBlock So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!The second block I’ll share with you today also features a flying geese unit, some curved piecing that may or may not have been intentional, a few assorted triangles and the letter Q (for Quilting) appliqued after it was also cut free-form. Some of the other blocks we made at the same time featured randomly and diagonally inserted strips, cut up pieces of test quilt blocks and anything we happened to think of using at the time.

Feeling inspired to start your own crazy quilt yet? If not, then maybe this week’s giveaway, focusing predominantly on the first two techniques I mentioned at the beginning of this post — foundation piecing and applique — will either help you conquer your fear of of them or renew your love of them, whichever applies:

Part9 Prize1 So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!Prize 1 includes four books with paper-pieced designs: A Paper-Pieced Garden by Maaike Bakker and Frocoise Maarse for That Patchwork Place, IRIS Quilting by Maruscha Gaasenbeek for Search Press, Easy Paper Piecing by Bonnie K. Browning for Love to Quilt, and Paper-Pieced Kitchen Designs: Cups and Saucers by Maaike Bakker for That Patchwork Place.

Part9 Prize2 So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!Prize 2 includes four books with applique designs: A Batch of Quilt Soup by Barbara J. Jones for That Patchwork Place, The Quilter’s Veggie Garden by Bea Oglesby for Love to Quilt, Plant Your Own Garden by Rebecca L. Campbell for AQS Publishing, and Petite Garden Quilts by Zena Thorpe for AQS Publishing.

Part9 Prize3 So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!Prize 3 includes four books that vary by applique, template, embroidery and paper-pieced designs: Paper-Pieced Flower Pot Quilts by Anja Townrow for Love to Quilt; Quilts that Celebrate Spring & Summer by Karen Combs, Bethany S. Reynolds and Joan Shay for Love to Quilt; Applique Garden: Easy Floral Applique Patterns by Eula Mae Long for Love to Quilt; and Wildflower Applique and Embroidery by Bea Oglesby for Love to Quilt.

To enter for your chance to win one of the three prizes, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 pm Mountain Time, Sunday May 31, 2015 telling us about either a quilting technique you’re afraid of or a quilting technique you feel you’ve conquered. If you have a preference between the three prizes, let us know that in your comment as well. Since winners are randomly selected, we don’t guarantee you’ll win your preferred prize if chosen, but we’ll do our best! Open to anyone worldwide who has not won anything from Quilters Newsletter in the past 90 days. If you are randomly selected as a winner, the email will come from with “Quilters Newsletter blog giveaway” in the subject line.

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217 Responses to So Many Books Giveaway Part 9!

  1. DebV says:

    I am afraid of curved pieces – although I do frequently do the unintentional version.
    I love to paper piece and would be so happy if I won Prize 1. The Cups and Saucers looks great. Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. Brenda Irwin says:

    I just learned a fusing technique and wonky houses! Great fun. All theses books look interesting but would love the one with the cups in it.

  3. Pauline Pineau says:

    I just learned to appliqué this….luv it.

  4. Pam Gutierrez says:

    Oh – Prize 2 looks GR8! ;-)

  5. Stacey Novak says:

    Blocks I have conquered, I think. Paper piecing is so intimidating to me. That I cut out pieces and sewed them together.

  6. Katrina Gressett says:

    I have been afraid to try paper piecing. It just looks so complex with so many little pieces. Even though the designs look amazing, it has been the one place I just haven’t worked up the courage to go yet.

  7. Candy says:

    I love the accuracy of paper piecing, and right from the start seemed to have an almost instinctive sense of how to think upside-down and backwards. I am far less confident with applique. While I have done simple patterns, both by hand and machine, I still have a lot of trouble with sharp points — both inside and outside. If I could, I would choose bundle #3, since it has some of several techniques, including embroidery which I also like to do.

  8. Sari S. says:

    This year I have been teaching myself English Paper Piecing and have really grown to love it. For my next personal challenge, I would like to improve my applique skills. The books in prize group 2 appeal to me the most.

  9. Carol Anne James says:

    I love applique with flowers so prize 2 would be great win for me

  10. Sharon Aurora says:

    I just started free motion quilting and it’s not going very well. I’d like to learn to do it well, but I’m getting frustrated. If I win, I’d like prize pack # 3. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Debbie Reher says:

    I am new to quilting. I have been trying star quilts and still getting puckers in the middle. I saw some quilt picture art on a show looked awesome. I think any of these books would be very helpful to me.

  12. Janet Yamamoto says:

    I’m still intimidated by machine quilting, but each time I quilt a quilt, I’m happy with the overall progress. I love applique and I think my appliques are pretty good because I practice a lot. I’d love any of the prizes. They all look so much fun, it would be hard to choose.

  13. Carol Hessevick says:

    either set would be nice to own. My favorite technique is needle turn appliqué. Love doing Baltimore Album quilts. Especially flowers.

  14. thank you for the lovely giveaway. It is always exciting to learn something new. Just recently, I decided to learn appliqué. As such, the second prize looks quite appealing. Thank you.

  15. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    I’ve wanted to try crazy quilting but haven’t worked up the courage.

  16. Diane Nancarrow says:

    I am 2 blocks away from completing a quilt with what looked like a very difficult paper pieced pattern. I kept working at it, and am amazed at what my diligence has produced. I would love to win prize #2, the applique group, to challenge myself with something new! But, hey, I’ve never won anything so just winning would be a great experience!

  17. Cathy Giles says:

    I would love any of these books but honestly paper piecing totally mystifies me! I am afraid to even try…

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